November 24, 2014 (3:39 PM)

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Men’s Volleyball

SS Dragons vs Acc Griffins

It was a tight back-and-forth in the first two sets, as the Griffins and the Dragons exchanged blows, with the former taking Set 1 25-20 and the latter taking the second set 20-25. The Griffins turned the heat up in the third, their efforts paying off in the final set with the score of 25-16.

BM Vipers vs SOE Sharks

In the next game, the BM Vipers won by default against the SoE Sharks.

SON Panthers vs Faculty Lions

The School of Nursing Panthers fell prey to the aggressive Faculty Lions 19-25, 12-25. This was the first victory for the Lions after their nail-biting lose against the CS Chameleons.

Humlet Wolves Vs. SEA Tigers

The Wolves were unable to escape the Tigers in the last game of the morning for the men’s division. The Tigers followed up their 25-15 first set win with a close 25-21 win in the second set to seal the match.

Women’s Volleyball:

SS Dragons vs CS Chameleons

In the first game of the morning, the Lady Dragons rose above the Lady Chameleons, winning the two sets 25-12 and 25-17, respectively.

Accountancy Griffins vs. SOE Sharks

The Lady Griffins trumped the Lady Sharks 25-8, 25-21 in the day’s second game. This was their first game victory after winning by default against the Lady Lions.

BM Vipers vs Nursing Panthers

After taming the Lady Tigers last week, the Lady Vipers strangled the Lady Panthers 25-16, 25-18 in the third game of women’s division today.

HumLet Wolves vs Faculty Lions

The Lady Lions overpowered the Lady Wolves in the last game of the morning. The Lady Lions methodically beath the Wolves, scoring 25-10 in the first set and 25-12 in the second set.

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