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SPORTSMANSHIP & CAMARADERIE. After winning two consecutive sets, B&M Vipers’ mixed doubles category showed excellent synergy and defeated the SEA Tigers pair. (Photo courtesy of SAMAHAN Creative Team)


Every serve, shot, kill and smash from the players had a mix of power and grace during the battle for badminton glory last Sunday, July 24, at the Smashville gym during the Palarong Atenista 2016.

The venue was hot, but that didn’t pop the lively energy of the players and supporters. The players showed good sportsmanship and camaraderie as different divisions cheered each other on, be it a team mate or a personal favorite from a different division.

In the women’s singles category, SEA Tigers’ Balolong won third against SOE Sharks’ Domingo.  The finals featured a close fight between Erika Callero from the Business & Management Vipers and Mara Ng from the Accountancy Griffins. The game got more intense after Callero recovered from an injury she got in the later part of the game. Callero came back stronger than ever and eventually defeated Ng with a 4-point lead.

In the men’s singles, SEA Tiger Pate won against B&M Viper Batolome in the fight for third. The SS Dragons shouted loud and proud as they reigned supreme in men’s singles finals with Miraflores winning against ACC Griffin Cameros.

In the women’s doubles category, the HumLet Wolves, Baricuatro and Ligue were left to find for third after being defeated by the B&M Vipers’ dynamic duo Mardoquio and Salon. In the fight for third, the SS Dragons pair, Dizon and Galiro, won two sets out of three against the HumLet Wolves. The final game was a quick battle between the B&M Vipers and the ACC Griffins. B&M Vipers Mardoquio and Salon showed off their effective partnership and won 2 sets in a row against the ACC Griffins pair Catulong and Galang.

In the men’s doubles category, the ACC Griffins bagged third with the duo of Alcala and Orillan after defeating HumLet Wolves Chu and Alparo. The finals featured a heated and close battle between the Tigers Tiu and Rovillos against the Vipers Dela Cruz and Rosaldes. The crowd was shouting for SEA and B&M furiously. But in the end, the B&M Vipers took the crown.

For the mixed doubles category, the ACC Griffins took third with Martin and Mulato against SS Dragons Sumugat and Molina. In the finals, SEA Tiger Garcia’s partner, Rovillos endured the pain from two injuries and put up a good fight. But this was no match for B&M Vipers Ronilo Flotildes and Bea Lim who showed excellent synergy and defeated the SEA Tigers pair after winning two consecutive sets.

When asked about what she felt after winning the game, Bea Lim said, “Of course happy, pero naawa din ako sa mga na-injure kasi alam namin ano ang kanilang naramdaman as a co-athlete.”

Along with fellow B&M Viper Mardoquio, Lim expressed her gratefulness because all their trainings and hardwork paid off.

Final Results:

Women’s singles

1st B&M Vipers Calero

2nd ACC Griffins Ng

3rd SEA Tigers Balolong

4th SOE Sharks Domingo

5th CS Chameleons Ngaya

6th SS Dragons Gasta

7th HumLet Wolves Bonifacio

8th NSM Tajan

Men’s Singles

1st SS Dragons Miraflores

2nd ACC Griffins Cameros

3rd SEA Tigers Pate

4th B&M Griffins Batolome

5th HumLet

6th CS

7th NSM

8th SOE

Men’s Doubles

1st B&M Vipers Dela Cruz/ Rosaldes

2nd SEA Tigers Tiu/ Rovillos

3rd ACC Alcala/ Orillan

4th HUM  Chu/ Alparo

5th SOE

6th CS

7th NSM

8th SS

Women’s Doubles

1st B&M Vipers Bea Mardoquio/ Salon

2nd ACC Griffins Catulong/ Galang

3rd SS Dragons Dizon/ Galiro

4th HUM Baricuatro/ Ligue

5th SOE Sharks

6th SEA Tigers

7th CS Chameleons

8th NSM

Mixed Doubles

1st B&M Vipers Rotildes/ Lim

2nd SEA Rovillos/ Garcia

3rd ACC Griffins Martin/ Mulato

4th SS Dragons Sumugat/ Molina

5th CS

6th HUM

7th SOE

8th NSM

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