September 9, 2013 (4:12 PM)

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A clash happened on a gloomy afternoon during the Palarong Atenista 2013, Monday, September 9, at Roxas grounds.

The conflict was between the Business and Management vipers and Social Sciences dragons while playing the Dragon Wars which delayed the event. The game started lightly until only four teams were left including the Accountancy Division and the School of Engineering and Architecture.

Division representatives and Palarong Pinoy 2013 committee decided to give the players 30 seconds to move and catch the tail of other teams. Otherwise, the game will be stopped and equal scores will be given to the remaining teams.

The clash started when the Business and Management team was announced out of the game because a player allegedly violated a game rule.

According to Peter Jules Cañete, BM Representative, division representatives of remaining teams agreed to advise their players not to move so as to achieve a win-win situation wherein all of them can get the equal score.

“The game is a competition and each team should have a strategy. And the division representatives have agreed to tell their players not to move so that we can get equal scores and proceed to the next game,” Cañete said.

“However, they [SS team] moved so we have no choice but to move, as well, and protect our team,” he added.

On the other hand, Social Sciences Division Representative Angelo Gabut commented on Cañete’s statement and said that it was the Business and Management team who violated their agreement first.

“We [division representatives] have an agreement so I told my players not to move within 30 seconds. However, BM moved first so we also have no choice but to continue playing the game,” Gabut said.

The teams continued to play dragon wars until emotions became intense which caused a player to cross the boundary.

In the end, the Palarong Pinoy 2013 committee decided to stop the game and give the four remaining teams equal points.

Jubail Pasia, the General Assembly of Class Presidents (GACP) chairperson, expressed her feeling about what happened.

“I was disappointed because we are here to celebrate the feast of mother Mary and players should’ve practiced the value of sportsmanship but some of them were not able to manifest it,” she said.

“On the brighter side, I am happy because there were players who did their best not because they want to win but they want to enjoy the fiesta,” she added.

The Palarong Pinoy 2013 was organized by the GACP.

In the end, the Accountancy division became the Palarong Pinoy 2013 champion followed by the Business and Management and Humanities and Letters Department place second runner-up and third runner-up, respectively. The Griffins topped all of the games of the event which were Sideways Sack Race, Chinese Garter, Dragon Wars, and Pukpok Palayok.


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