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AMERICAN SPACE. Host Harold Banggay, U.S. Embassy delegates Jennifer Anne Pascua and Pauline Anderson, author Coach Noli Ayo, and Director of Libraries Fretzie A. Fajardo (L-R) held a book conversation on Mindanao Peace Games at the American Corner last Thursday, January 26. Photo by Joeshua Dequina

Commemorating the United States (US) embassy in the Philippines’ relationship with American Corner Davao – Ateneo de Davao University (AdDU), US Embassy Public Affairs Section (PAS) toured the university two years after the pandemic.

With American Corner Davao – AdDU being one of the oldest American Corners in the Philippines, US Embassy PAS Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer Pauline W. Anderson told Atenews that they’re proud of their relationships with universities that host the American spaces.

“We’ve had a corner here in Ateneo de Davao for 31 years, which is longer than most students studying here have been alive. So, it’s a very valuable relationship for us in the embassy, but it is one of the seven American Corners we have across Mindanao.”

According to Anderson, American Corners, along with the university libraries, provide information about studying and programs in the US, where they also support innovative, entrepreneurship, and technology programs. 

“The corner’s network is incredibly valuable for us to connect with students, such as yourself, who are interested in the United States but also to talk about problems and interests that we have in common, such as peace, education, development, [and] what the future looks like because the future is going to be something that we all work on together,” she added.

Although the pandemic has affected the American Corners’ operations and US Embassy delegates’ visits, Anderson assured that it had not stopped their engagements as they have been active online.

“It’s exciting to finally get down here to see what’s going on right now, the challenges as well as the fruit of the pandemic and this kind of transition here before everything opens next year or rather in August,” she detailed.

American Spaces Philippines host 15 corners around the country and has the largest network in Southeast Asia.

Book conversation on Mindanao Peace Games

“Everyone is a writer,” Emmanuel “Coach Noli” Ayo said to the audience during the Book Conversation on Mindanao Peace Games at the American Corner last January 26. Photo by Joeshua Dequina

In line with Martin Luther King Day of Service, the American Corner, in partnership with the AdDU Athletics Office and the International Studies Department, hosted a book conversation on Mindanao Peace Games (MPG), also attended by the US embassy delegates.

AdDU Athletics Office Director, Mindanao Peace Games convenor, and MPG The Book Author Emmanuel Rene “Coach Noli” Ayo shared his experience while writing the book during the pandemic and finding courage in it.

Relating his experiences to Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, he noted, “in your dreams, I hope you include others there.”

The event was conducted on January 26, 2023, at the American Corner, 2F, Wieman Building, AdDU Jacinto Campus.

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