August 17, 2017 (12:04 PM)

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EA’s Nice Bawi prepares for spike in their championship games.
Photo by Alexis Matthew Reyes

The School of Engineering & Architecture (SEA) Tigers and the Business and Management (B&M) Vipers were clashing against each other in this year’s Palarong Atenista Men’s Volleyball last Aug. 14 at the Martin Hall.

The Vipers were seeking redemption after being absent in the last year’s championship. Meanwhile the Tigers sought to make a comeback after keeping on losing championship during the past two years.

The championship game was intense with the Tigers dominating over the Vipers throughout 3 sets only. In the end, the heavy attacks and blocks of Tigers were too much for the Vipers to keep up. The Tigers were consistent throughout the game, winning 3 sets to nil.

The game opened with long rallies that eventually saw the Tigers win, 25-22. Then the team followed up their kicking start with another 25-22. The last set that pushed the Tigers to claim the championship crown was a thrilling match as the Vipers made the set to no avail, 25-22. Nice Bawi, the captain ball, paced the team throughout three sets.

When Atenews asked Bawi how the game was, he shared his team enjoyed the essence of the game.

“Generally, lingaw siya. Mura ra mi’g nagdula na dili championship. Tanan nag-contribute and na-feel nako ang spirit sa team na perfect kaayo among harmony,” Bawi told in ecstacy.

The team captain shared that despite their stellar victory that they had difficulties in dealing with each other. The team nevertheless overcame the differences of each player and managed to set their individual interest to aim a common goal—to be the champion of this year’s Men’s Volleyball.

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