May 11, 2015 (2:46 AM)

1 min read


By: Fredo Agreda

It was the usual night for everyone
The sky was still bluish black
The streets were filled with rushing vehicles
Every thing was the usual, except
for the man and the orange light post
It was a hard day for him
he got fired from his job
his girl broke up with him
And dirty laundry was waiting at home
And the orange light post?
In the morning, it got peed by some dogs
At noon, someone nailed some ads on it
And just before the man stood near it
a woman was stabbed, and a crazy fellow
Got shot in the head by some policeman
An ordinary night, indeed
But at that moment, on that night
Someone with a broken soul
stood by an orange light post to plan
for tomorrow
It was a night with bluish black sky
With vehicles rushing
and people passing by without a care for him

End the silence of the gagged!

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