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Photo from @ADDU_Official

Photo from @ADDU_Official

Located at the second floor of the university’s Community Center is the Miguel Pro Study Center. It is named after the Mexican Catholic Jesuit Priest. The facility formally opened its doors to the student body last November 9, 2015 and offered an array of amenities for all students for different types of work.

Tired of spending money on overpriced coffee for a place to study or make schoolwork with classmates? Then the Study Center is most definitely for you. The place well-lit, air-conditioned, spacious, and most of all, free.

There are tables for group or individual study, as well as desks and sofas for those wanting to relax or for those passing the time, and even amenities that serve unique purposes.

The collaboration rooms are new.” Khristina Cassandra Te, a 3rd year Accountancy student, commented. “They aren’t soundproof, but it’s a great place for private group discussions and meetings. There are books here too, but not that many,” she added.

The Collaboration Hub is among the new amenities the Study Center has provided. There’re seven hubs in total, all of which can comfortably hold up to 10 students for a maximum of 2 hours per session. A perfect place to meet, and discuss with peers, as well as to collaborate and create new ideas in, all you have to do is sign up, reserve your time slot, and wait your turn.

Besides the Collaboration Hubs, the Miguel Pro Study Center also offers Workspaces for those working on projects, visual aids, and artworks, as well as a Café where everyone is free to study, work, and bring food in.

For those wanting a more private, and serious atmosphere for studying, however, you can just walk into the Research Nooks in the Study Center. This “quiet zone” is capable of seating up to 48 students at a time, and is enclosed and furnished with writing materials, and comfortable seats, adding up to a good study environment.

With a good set of amenities lined up, Miguel Pro Study Center caters to a variety of work and study. Whether one is comfortable with the traditional silent atmosphere or with a more interactive approach, the newly opened facility in the relatively new Community Center building is worth trying out.

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