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Infographic taken from the official Facebook page of the Ateneo Campus Clubs Organization


Infographic taken from the official Facebook page of the Ateneo Campus Clubs Organization

Infographic taken from the official Facebook page of the Ateneo Campus Clubs Organization

The Campus Clubs Organization (CCO) clusters and committees capped off their week-long event through their culminating activity, called “The Last Voyage,” last July 11, at the Arrupe Hall, Martin Building of the Ateneo de Davao University.

During the said activity, CCO recognized outstanding club clusters. The Culture and Arts cluster topped among other clusters, placing first place in four categories—Most Creative Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP), People’s Choice AVP, Liveliest Cluster, and Most Colorful Cluster.

The Ateneo Religious Organization (ARO), Business, Socio-Civic, and Engineering and Architecture (EA) clusters were also recognized in the said categories.

During the awarding ceremony, nationally-acclaimed dance group Kindred and the Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) grand finalist boy band Next Option also performed.

In a text interview, CCO Chairperson Khryzza Mae Pinzon expressed her insights regarding the organization’s  recent activities, pointing out a few shift challenges that the organization faced this year.

“The event is good amidst the challenges that the CCO faced this year—adjustment to internal procedures, adjustment to change of the usual venue from Roxas Grounds/Thibault Hall to Arrupe Hall where it isn’t as often for the students to pass by, adjustment to a renewed program for the CCO Week,” Pinzon said.

Pinzon also stated that she was surprised about the student participation.

“We thought that there would be a lesser number of attendees since our population relatively decreased and there are other activities also that were ongoing at that time.

“I believe that this has something to do also with what captured their attention that made them go to the event- [the] guests, sponsors, and the pakulo of the clubs,” she said.

However, Pinzon also recognized emerging problems to work on.

“[There are some problems], such as in the club’s publicity and financial management. For publicity, there are plans with the SAMAHAN Creative Team to conduct a workshop for all the publicity and creative teams of clubs and student executive councils. For financial management, we have given them a list of possible sponsors that they can contact for their event.

“We are still on the process though, we are finalizing also our directory of NGOs, IGOs and government agencies which they can partner in their events,” she stated.

The week-long cause of CCO aimed to raise awareness about club activities as well as to encourage students with diverse interests to join clubs. The said organizations were officially opened last Monday, and an interclub competition called “The Clash of the Clusters” was held last Friday.

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