October 7, 2013 (10:46 AM)

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Another stage was set for Teatro Humanidades as they produced another back-to-back masterpieces “Karakter” and “Babayi” to indulge their audiences to the daily experiences that each individual face.

From September 30 to October 4 at the F213, the members let the audience appreciate the art of theater. Accompanied with lively music and lights, the audiences of the play were taken to the realms of artistic storytelling.

The first play performed was “Karakter”. It was about a writer’s life and its struggles to find the perfect inspiration for the “Karakter”.

The second, humour-filled play entitled “Babayi” talked about how the “Babayi” or women are treated in the society and how they continue to survive.

“My purpose of going to this play was that it was required by my teacher, but it was really nice to see theatre in an unboring manner,” An Atenean said

“Pasalamat tayo dahil may opportunity kayo makapanood ng teatro ng libre dahil nung panahon ko napakahirap makapanood ng teatro,” said Noy Narciso, the writer of the two plays.

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