September 9, 2015 (5:12 PM)

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Photo by Adlin Joey Almencion

Photo by Adlin Joey Almencion

Shadow play, puppetry, and other cultural pieces were presented by the Teatro Humanidades when they performed their show for a cause entitled Anino-Tao last Sept . 8 at room F213.

Anino-Tao, derived from the three Filipino words anino (shadow), tao (human), and anito (spirits or deities), is a cultural presentation about the relationships between man, nature, and society.

“It depends on how you interpret our presentations eh. Minsan tayong mga tao, parang mga puppet rin tayo, parang mga tuta. Tuta ng Gobyerno. Tuta ng pag-iisip natin. Pwede rin siyang from a political standpoint,” Humanities teacher and group moderator Norman “Noy” Narciso said.

The eight pieces that were performed by the Teatro Humanidades during the event were entitled “Anatomiya ng tawo-tao”, “Akansya”, “Dagsa”, “Mourning Mother”, “Shift Dance”, “Salamin”, “Sa pagitan ng Kahapon at Ngayon”, and “Papel”.

Teatro Humanidades was established during 2009, and Anino-Tao is one of the many performances for a cause that they have held throughout the years.

The beneficiaries of the show were the Kindergarten students of Barangay Klubi, the children from the Talomo district, and the Badjao people.

According to the group, donations of old artworks, used clothing, and educational materials are still being accepted until now.

For those who missed the first performance last Tuesday, Teatro Humanidades will be doing an encore of their show this Sept. 10 at 7:40pm at room F213.

“Expect that our presentations will be more refined and precise the second time around,” Narciso said.

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