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CLIMATE STRIKE 2022. Young environmentalists take the streets to voice out their concern on various environmental issues during the Davao Climate Strike 2022 last November 7. Photo courtesy of Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability – IDIS

Acting on the pressing climate crisis, environmental groups in Davao pushed climate action campaigns forward through the Davao Climate Strike 2022.

The call for climate action highlighted the groups’ campaign on Climate Change and Climate Justice in the Philippines, Waste to Energy Incineration, Protect Davao Oriental Watersheds from Mining Activities, and Save Samal Reefs.

“The main outcome na akoang ginagoal diria [climate strike] is to push forward ang mga campaigns kasi lahi-lahi ang campaigns and lahi-lahi iyahang tirahon. It’s not applicable, feasible sa isa lang ka group especially sa Ecoteneo office lang,” Ecoteneo Program Officer Mitzy Salcedo told Atenews.

Salcedo added that they hope the campaigns will be sustained since pushing them through is crucial.

“Sa ako is mapush forward and ma sustain ang mga campaigns kay lisod ni siya na mga kampanya kay taas og proseso especially na atong kalaban is usually mga government officials. Kailangan sunod-sunod ang atong IEC, ang Information Education Campaign.”

Red on environmental sacrifice

The environmental circle in Davao is currently campaigning for the prevention of the waste-to-energy incineration facility to be implemented in Davao City.

The proposed waste-to-energy (WTE) project is said to be the solution to the increasing garbage in the city and will be supported by the Japanese government, said Davao City’s 1st District Councilor Temujin Ocampo who authored the WTE project.

“Mga councilors karon sa Davao is they are pushing the facility kay para daw dali lang ang solution sa mga waste which is dili maayo kay it is a dirty energy. Instead na clean energy like ilang ginaclaim, it is actually dirty energy kay nagabuga pa gihapon siya og carbon dioxide, methane, and nagadagdag siya sa global warming,” Salcedo countered.

Salcedo added that the city can benchmark other waste-to-energy processes as there are places in the country that transform waste into energy without burning the garbage.

The Samal Island – Davao Connector project was also raised during the assembly as the groups continuously called for the realignment of the Samal-Davao bridge.

Ecoteneo Director Carmela Marie Santos clarified that the Save Samal Reefs Campaign is not against the construction of the Samal-Davao bridge project, but appeals for its realignment since the current project location would damage a protected coral reef area.

“Dili man makadaot ang bridge but ang location niya. That is why we are calling for realignment,” Santos said during the program.

Salcedo also shared that diving activities are continuously happening to witness the abundance of the coral reef and talk to different sectors on the matter.

Clamors for climate justice and reparation

Aside from putting pressure on policymakers to act on various environmental problems, the Davao Climate Strike urged the community to participate in calling out policies and activities that are harmful to the environment, as everyone is affected by the climate crisis.

Executive Director of the Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability Atty. Mark Peñalver exampled the recent flooding in Cotabato on how the community is affected by climate change.

“Makita nato ang impact sa climate change do not respect geographical or territorial boundaries. Climate change impact everyone – no matter your race, religion, your status in life, or where you are.”

“What happens sa ilahang environment will also contribute sa pagpaspas sa climate change. That is why we have to participate in calling our leaders to check ang ilahang mga projects, programs, and plans for our city, for our province, and for the environment,” Peñalver added.

Consequently, the Davao Bike Action, as part of the Pedal for People and Planet cycling event, was conducted before the strike to demand climate reparations from rich countries to assist developing countries affected by the climate crisis.

The Davao Climate Strike 2022 was held on November 6 at Freedom Park, Davao City.

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