February 13, 2016 (10:31 AM)

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Photo by Angel Donna Escol

Photo by Angel Donna Escol

Students gathered inside the Finster Auditorium as they witnessed a multi-disciplinary performance art exhibition called as “Panit, unod, bukog,” which was held last Thursday evening.

The event is part of the three-day celebration of the grand launching of the Culture and Arts Cluster and of the celebration of the National Arts Month.

According to Teatro Humanidades Moderator Norman Narciso, the event art director, “Panit, unod, bukog,” or “Skin, flesh, bone” in English, represented the medium, form, and the essence. It demonstrated how the artists manipulate the medium, transform the form, and encapsulate the essence come to life.

The art exhibition was collaborative and multi-disciplinary since it adheres to the call towards the basic carrier of art – the artist and the “being” of an artist. It tackled basic but profound truth and form of the expression – the binds, the border, the extremes, the vanity, the sacredness, and the sentimentality.

Throughout the event, a variety of unique artistic performances were on display by student performers and other guest artists in front of the student audience such as “Bote”, “Binugha”, “Mourning Mother”, “Jaime”, and many others.

Jeric Justin Ludyawan, a second year Accountancy student, shared his thoughts on the performance art exhibition.

“It (event) is actually nice because we appreciated art better [as it gave] a fresh experience. There are a lot of forms of art and it’s actually nice seeing not mainstream art [but] arts you only see once in a while. So I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot especially from different stories, different techniques of art,” he said.

The performance art exhibition was also a show for a cause as students donated art and school materials which will be sent to the T’boli Senior High School in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.

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