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CNN sports commentator Charles Tiu during the workshop. Photo courtesy of Aivy Rose Villarba

CNN sports commentator Charles Tiu during the workshop. Photo courtesy of Aivy Rose Villarba

CNN sports commentator Charles Tiu during the workshop. Photo courtesy of Aivy Rose Villarba

The event was organized by the AdDU Institutional Communications and Promotions (iCommP) team in collaboration with University Athletics Director Noli Ayo.

CNN Philippines sports analyst Charles Tiu and ABS-CBN sports commentator Marco Benitez were the guest speakers of the event.

In the morning session, Tiu elaborated in his lecture the important tips on covering athletic events and explained the proper ways of performing proper sports casting to the audience. Afterwards, students and guests participated in applying basic ways of sports casting through the use of a simulated basketball game.

In the afternoon session, Benitez shared his insights about being a sports caster and a sports analyst. He also provided tips on sports casting from the pre-game stage, to the actual game time, and to the post-game stage. He also taught them courtside reporting during sporting events. After his lecture, students were tasked to perform impromptu court-side reporting in front of the audience.

Fourth year mass communication student Manelle Joy Kadusale shared her insights about her experience joining the workshop.

“It was actually good because we got an insight of first hand point-of-view or experience about how it is to cover a sporting event, what are the dos and don’ts, kung ano ba yung proper way kung paano ba sabihin ang ganito na bagay na hindi siya biased or hindi siya offensive and to know kung paano as a courtside reporter or a sports analyst or anchor, are you being biased or not? So ini-offer ka ng perspective dito sa workshop na to kung ano yung mga dapat gawin as a sports analyst, as a sports anchor, as a courtside reporter and the distinction between a sports anchor and a sports analyst,” Kadusale said.

She also added that it was a good avenue for the development of reporting-related talents.

“So, malaking tulong talaga siya and I think it’s a first step towards developing new talents especially in court-side reporting, analysts, or anchors in the future for sporting events in the university

“Being a courtside reporter, sports analyst or sports anchor is no joke. Commentating may look easy and spontaneous, but about 90 percent of it is well-thought and planned talaga. Although, yung planning niya is yung mga thoughts, key ideas lang pero yung bulk ng information is done preparatory to the game. Meron yung pregame, gametime at saka yung post game so lahat ng facets yun kino-cover mo siya and it’s not only limited to game time alone, meron dapat observations before and after,” she said.

After the workshop, Benitez shared his thoughts about being part of the said event.

“I’m very honored that Coach Noli (Ayo), Mr. Bernie (Jereza), and the rest of the iCommP team invited me to share my experience in sports casting to the students, to the community. I’m very impressed with what the outfit that they have here, yung initiative nila of doing live stream, live online coverage of events because I feel it’s really a game-changer because it will really increase the exposure of students, of leagues, of sporting events that do not normally get exposed online or on television,” Benitez said.

He further said that he hopes that the participants were able to learn valuable skills.

“I think na hopefully they were able to pick up some tips, some pointers to help them improve their careers, or to help them get closer to yung aspiration nila to be either court-side reporters or sports casters or even part of the production group because not everybody will have that aspiration to be in front of the camera. But I hope, kahit papaano, nakatulong ako in pursuit of that goal for them,” he further explained.

Assistant to the University President for IT Bernie Jereza shared his reasons for organizing a sports casting workshop for the students.

“We feel that we really need skills in sports commentating or event commentating and court-side reporting especially if we’re covering athletic events. We evaluated that we really need it.

“We tried to look for commentators, court-side reporters but we found volunteers who also feel that they need training for this kind of skill. We have the technology already to live stream the event. We have the cameras but this is the one lacking especially for the Intrams [Intramurals]. We are preparing this for the Intrams and the Jesuit Athletic Meet,” he explained.

Jereza said he was satisfied with the workshop as students and guests were able to gain knowledge on sports casting and court-side reporting from their expert speakers.

“I think it was a success because those who have attended will help us especially during the Intrams. We’re hoping that they will be the volunteers for the pool of anchors, analysts, and court-side reporters for all our event coverage especially for sports,” he said.

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