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Photo from Ateneo de Davao Twitter

Photo from Ateneo de Davao Twitter

Students and faculty from the Social Sciences and Humanities & Letters clusters gathered at the Finster Auditorium, last Feb. 27,  for the Cultural Sensitivity on Language Forum.

Jess Montajes, university program officer for Culture and the Arts, shared the rationale for the event.

“It is to put much emphasis on the use of language in defining different situations, and statuses in society. The purpose of this forum is to give a highlight on differences and how sensitivity could actually be injected using language,” he said.

The forum was focused on language and cultural sensitivity management, with the speaker Dr. Steven Prince Patrick Fernandez, founding director of the Culture and Arts Studies Center, and artistic director of the Integrated Performing Arts Guild (IPAG).

During his talk, Dr. Fernandez discussed about dealing with our differences and cultural sensitivity.

“[Cultural sensitivity is the] knowledge that another culture understands things differently [and that] more than acknowledging this difference is recognizing the fact that one culture cannot be better than the other,” he said.

Discussed further were the forms of misappropriations of cultural expressions, transcreation, and the concept of language as the people’s identity more than the words we speak, as our cultural stamp, and as a means of giving a sense of order.

Shyne Vistal, a fourth year architecture student, shared her learning from the forum.

“It gave me more ideas about different cultures, their arts, literatures, and language. I also learned that those cultural arts that I have known have deeper meanings, aside from what we usually see visually,” Vistal said.

The activity, as organized by the Office of Student Affairs and the Culture and Arts Cluster, was part of the Pag-inunongay 2017 as one of its highlight events.

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