January 8, 2018 (11:43 AM)

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Posters used by the students during the rally. Photo by Jamrell Buynay

Displaying disapproval for the imperialistic reign in the country, students from different campuses of University of the Philippines (UP) rallied along Roxas avenue last Saturday, January 7 in protest of the US-Duterte regime. .

Among the rallyists clamoring for the president’s impeachment was KASAMA sa UP National Chairperson Romen Wabina. According to him, the Philippines needs a government that will serve the interest of the citizens and not act as puppets of the imperialistic US.

“Gusto ng mga Pilipino ng pagbabago. Kailangan natin ng pagbabago sa gobyerno na nakabatay sa interes sa mga pangangailangan ng masang Pilipino na walang korupsyon at hindi nakabatay sa interes ng imperyalistang Estados Unidos,” he shared.

[The Filipinos want change. We need a change of government that serves the needs of the Filipino masses without corruption and dependence on the interests of the imperialistic US.]

He also stated that plenty of Filipinos have already died and suffered from Duterte’s administration and implementation of martial law.

Wabina calls out to the people to unite and use strength in numbers to bring down imperialism, capitalism, and legalism in the country.

“Kailangan natin ng isang bansang nagkakaisa para pabagsakin ang imperyalismo, burukrasyang kapitalismo at legalismo sa Pilipinas,” he expressed.

[We need a united country in order to bring down imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism, and legalism in the Philippines.]

End the silence of the gagged!

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