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Photo by Raymond Trespeces.

Photo by Raymond Trespeces.

Student leaders under the Campus Club Organization (CCO) joined in the EHEM! Anticorruption Sensitivity Seminar/Workshop last September 20, 2014 at F705.

The EHEM! movement is a program started in the Philippines by the Society of Jesus in 2002. This was during the height of the Erap Impeachment Trial. This program aimed to educate the people on what corruption is, what its roots are, and how it affects the country. The EHEM! seminar is given not only to those who are in the education sector, but also to many government offices in the Philippines.

Ms. Isabel Actub, an EHEM! trainer and the Coordinator of the Communications and Advocacy Program of the Arrupe Office of Social Formation said, “We want to see, understand, and look at ourselves on how we have understood corruption [in its] macro and micro levels.”

The whole day seminar/workshop covered 4 modules namely, Experience, Social Analysis, Reflection, and Action. In each module, EHEM! trainers gave inputs and later on, the student leaders were given tasks to perform in connection with the module.
“Be a change agent, not just a catalyst,” said Actub, as she talked on what the student leaders can do to combat corruption. She reiterated the importance of valuing moral honesty by starting with oneself, and from there, be able not to tolerate corruption in a much bigger scale.

Rogelio Adlawan, Jr., the Federation of United Students of Electrical Engineering (FUSEE) President, shared his insight on the seminar/workshop. “Corruption cannot be taken generally. Rather, it shall be taken as a series of components that contribute to its perpetuation. It helps us to be aware that corruption does not exist as one body. It is perpetuated by other influences,” said Adlawan.

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