February 1, 2018 (12:51 PM)

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Pukaw “Ang Sinugdanan” launched a unique local arts and crafts exhibit at Rodriguez Hall last January 29, activity period. From January 29 to February 1, Pukaw will exhibit a collection of artworks from local artists, handiworks made by local craftsmen and artisanal works produced by T’boli artisans.


Pukaw is a development communication campaign organized by third year Mass Communication students to showcase the arts, crafts, and talents of Mindanaoan artists, artisans, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs.


For Development Communication moderator Maria Cecillia Rodriguez, the campaign aims to showcase the local products made by local artists.


“It (Pukaw) is a response to the growing practice of many millennials to buy foreign-made products and to patronize foreign artists, so we want to raise awareness that we have very good local talents here and as Filipinos they should patronize this so that our local scene will be much more progressive,” she explained.


Pukaw intends to illuminate awareness in embracing local arts and crafts and embracing local talents through its exhibition, thereby patronizing Filipino in lieu of foreign-made products.


“We want to normalize buying local crafts and products because what is normal now is buying products from malls, so we hope that through this campaign we will be able to help support and promote the local artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs we have in our locality,” Pukaw Project Director Princess Taroza, said.


The local industry is facing an apparent struggle of Filipinos choosing foreign over locally made products, ergo Pukaw hopes to encourage the Ateneo community to support the Pukaw campaign by purchasing local handiworks and posting the photos on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag “#Iboughtsomethinglocaltoday”.


“Ang makatabang ani directly sa mga local artists, local craftsmen, local entrepreneurs who are still struggling kasi kailangan nila ng support walang bumibili sa kanila sana magsimula dito sa Ateneo, in that case maging Davao city wide na yung awareness about patronizing our local products,” Rodriguez added.



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