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Photo from Flickr

Photo from Flickr

National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms (NASECORE) Pres. Pete Illagan enlightened the audience about renewable energy’s capacity, empowering them of what they can contribute to help address its challenges in a Pakighinabi Session held at PakighinabiRoom, Community Center last Aug. 26.

Illagan stressed how the Philippines enjoys a sizeable amount of sunlight. She also explained how this could be used as an effective source of renewable energy through solar energy being converted to electricity, which gives way to the net-metering program.

The said program is addressing not just the lack of power supply but also climate change.

The net-metering program, as explained by Illagan, is a system wherein solar panels are installed on the roofs of the house owners which in turn makes the consumers be their own electricity producers at the same time, making them “independent from the monopolistic electricity companies,” which results the shift from traditional generation-transmission-distribution to the net-metering program. It is a fully implemented scheme under the Renewable Energy (RE) Act of 2008.

Illagan said this law may be a threat to those power companies, considered as “kalaban ng mga kapitalista,” yet he encouraged awareness of this program for all the people.

“The law offers a big benefit for us. Unless we understand and apply the law, we will never know what the law intends for us,” he emphasized.

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Illagan further encouraged that engagement is a must, as this kind of business (electric power industry) is a win-win commerce for the capitalists, if the people fail to really be involved in urging the total adoption of the net-metering program.

“Para sa mga kapitalista, walang lugi dito, lalo na kung nakaupo lang tayo at nagmamasid at nagrereklamo,” he said.

Electricity bills are a mainstream discussion in this country unlike in Hongkong or in Singapore, where its citizens don’t actually discuss the figures on their electricity bills for they enjoy the same net-metering program, Illagan shared.

“Maybe it is the time that our country, [the] Philippines, enjoy the same feeling, too,” he stated.

Ilagan said that it’s high time that people should be aware and be empowered in order to participate on this concern.

“Huwag tayong maging bikitma ng ating mga reklamo.”

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