July 27, 2014 (10:40 AM)

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By: Reil Benedict Obinque

Last June 20, 2014, an extraordinary incident occurred: numerous superheroes gathered inside J301 for an important goal. Students from the School of Education (SOE) dressed up as the Avengers, X-Men, Justice League and several other superhuman beings for the superhero-themed SOE Orientation Program.

The aforementioned event was attended by the first year to fourth year Education students and some of the faculty and staff from the three different departments under the Education Division.
The Orientation Program provided an opportunity for the students, especially the freshmen, to better understand the programs under School of Education. The Dean, Ms. Gina L. Montalan, gave a talk about the direction of the SOE as she discussed the three different departments under the Education Division, namely the PE Department, Educational Leadership Department, and Teacher Education Department. She also presented the goals and objectives of the Education Cluster.

Ms. Melanie Jeanne Galvez, the Teacher Education Department Chair, gave emphasis to the grading requirements for all year levels and the graduation requirements for the graduating students. The students were also able to voice out their questions and concerns which, in return, were answered by Ms. Galvez.
Apart from providing information about the SOE, the Orientation program also allowed the students to enjoy. Students showed their enthusiasm through participating in different games. They were also entertained by the performances given by selected SOE students, showcasing the talent of these future educators. The best costumes were also recognized in the event.

The program ended with the message given by the SAMAHAN President, Mr. Regel Kent Asuero, reminding the students of the role of SAMAHAN.
Students left the venue with smiles on their faces and essential knowledge on their minds. With the aid of the entire School of Education, the Orientation Program, like a superhero’s secret mission, ended as a success.

End the silence of the gagged!

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