September 22, 2018 (10:10 AM)

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“Glitch lang to. Namali ug pindot, pero nabalik naman kaagad,” Ateneo de Davao Head of Finance Jimmy Delgado affirmed in an interview that the inability to view the grades in the Student Information System (SIS) yesterday was just a glitch.

He stated that the blockage was supposed to be for the pre-registration for the second semester and not the grades.

Those who still have amounts to settle for the first semester should not be able to pre-register for the second semester unless they settle their balances.

“Ang ma-block kay katung mga naa’y balance sa first sem, dapat dili jud ka pwede makapre-register for second sem unless bayaran nimo ang per sem, dili dapat to sa grades,” he said.

Friday morning, many students from AdDU complained about the inability to view the grades in the Student Information Sytem (SIS) of the university.

First year Accountancy student, Matt Pedregosa, was confused with the system because he knew that he no longer had any pending balances to pay for the current term.

“It was slightly confusing, [because] when I accessed my grades, [it] showed that I had to ‘settle my account balance in order to view the page,’ but I know that I no longer had any pending balances to pay for the current term,” he said.

“I felt a bit perturbed, and quite possibly slightly offended if ever the situation of [my] payment for my tuition fees was still actually left ‘unpaid’ even if my parents already submitted the payment,” he added.

Pedregosa shared that he needs to open his SIS from time to time because he has to monitor his grades and current standing.

“I had to access my SIS account to check my grades in other subjects which still haven’t given the numerical equivalent nor the letter grade. I was also curious as to my current standing in other subjects, especially those subjects which have yet to give out my grade,” Pedregosa said.

Regarding the glitch in the system, a staff from the University Information Technology Office (UITO) who asked not to be named, said that “if ever there were any changes in the system they are just the ones who make the changes, but the orders were from the administration offices such as in this case, the finance.”

For the next semester, Mr. Delgado said that the payment will no longer be per semester but should be per grading period.

“Example naa kay balance sa prelim, dapat bayaran jud nimo ang prelim bago nimo maview ang imong grades sa prelim,” Delgado said.

But he assured that the university will let all the students take their exams regardless of payment as mandated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

“Ang balaod sa CHED kay [to let you take the exam], padayun lang. Didto lang sa grade, barahon lang ang grade na dili siya maview, kay dili na mana problema sa bata nang dili maview ang grade, sa parents na mana,” he added.

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