February 21, 2016 (4:21 AM)

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Sinetenista 2016 featured five films with a length minimum of 4minutes and maximum of 20minutes last Feb. 17 at the university Audio Visual Rooms, 5th floor of Weiman Building.

The entries were centralized to this year’s theme, “Using voice for a responsible choice.” Stories of love, life, friendship, family and poetry were minor motif of the different entries as well; social issue such as the national elections was also highlighted in one of the films.

The five films featured with its corresponding director are as follows: ‘Taimtim’ directed by Michael Robilla; ‘Isang Liham’ directed by Raymond Trespeces; ‘These Lights, They Follow’ directed by Kurt Guias; ‘Silent Note’ directed by Franz Parreñas; and ‘Recording_001’ directed by Queennie Efren.

Efren who is also a first-year ABMassComm student said in an interview how the films were successfully able to convey the message of the theme in their entries. For her, the value of life was very eminent in every film. “Kumbaga lahat ng entries ginapakita kung gaano ka-halaga ang buhay ng tao, it may come in different messages but all mean the same.” “This event showcased the talents of the Ateneans in creating stories and making films.” Efren stated when asked about her insights on the event. Furthermore, Efren said “Its significance is to let Ateneans express their own thoughts and feelings about what’s going on around them.” For Efren, ‘pointing out issues that affect one’s life’ through creative ways is one of the goals of the Sinetenista. “It lets students learn from what they’ve experienced upon making the film,” she added as to how Sinetenista is significant to filmmaking enthusiasts like her.

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