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DOMINATING. School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) Tigers win the title as the overall champions in the 72nd Ateneo Fiesta held online via FB Live, August 13. Screenshot by Leah Genny Altizo

Once again claiming the victory as this year’s overall champions, the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) Tigers dominated the 72nd Ateneo Fiesta despite the event being conducted online.

The School of Nursing (SON) Panthers and Social Sciences (SS) Dragons placed 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

Josh Daquipil, SEA Tigers representative, expressed how the victory is important not only for him but for the entire cluster, as well as the participants that made the victory possible. He affirmed how the win paid off the hard work and struggles that the cluster went through with competing in the various events.

“This win encourages everyone in the cluster that anything is possible despite our situation and the obstacles that we face. The intimidating online landscape greatly pushes emphasis towards our branding, which is exceeding the limit, no matter the circumstance,” Daquipil said.

The SEA Tigers representative also shared the struggles that the cluster had gone through in preparation for the online fiesta.

“Synchronizing and communication were some of the challenges that we had to face. The online environment poses an obstacle for constituents to come together and share ideas, but that did not hinder them from working as one and achieving success,” Daquipil added.

On the other hand, the SON representative, Keer Zerrudo emphasized how the SON cluster’s success is a dream that the cluster has wanted for a long time. 

“SON has always been in the middle of the competition. I think this very victory will fuel my constituents to exert more in future univ events and the succeeding school years. We wanted to be branded as a threat to big clusters. And I think we made that very clear tonight,” Zerrudo asserted.

“Now that we are acknowledged and validated as a cluster, I think this win will increase the competence and passion of my constituents. This win will create a productive and efficient School of Nursing community,” Zerrudo added.

SS Dragons representative, Karlo Torreon acknowledged the cluster’s win as a remarkable one because it is the first time that the SS Dragons placed in the top three among the nine clusters in the fiesta, historically.

“I think this renews our commitment not just as a Student Executive Council (SEC) but as a community to participate in the cluster and university events and initiatives. This victory is very important for our cluster because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we are capable of competing against the bigger clusters within the university and deliver on our promise, ‘now is our time’,” Torreon stated.

The SS rep also added, “This win will help us in realizing two of our goals for this academic year: a culture of support for our students and bridging the gap between the SEC and the students themselves.”

Torreon further mentioned the difficulties the SS cluster had to resolve during the said event. According to the SS representative, one challenge which was evident in their preparations was the fact that it was an event conducted online.

“It’s challenging for the SEC to gather and recruit the needed participants for the events since face to face interaction was absent. Thankfully, we reconciled with this through the assistance of our Junior SEC officers who were very keen on helping the cluster succeed,” Torreon expressed.

To summarize, Accountancy (ACC) Griffins secured first place in the Ignatian Cup 2020. Following behind were the SEA Tigers and Business Management (B&M) Vipers, respectively,

Justin Buhia from the SS Dragons was declared overall best speaker, while Nero Tajan from the ACC Griffins was proclaimed the best speaker for the finals round.

Meanwhile, Humanities and Letters (HUMLET) Wolves howled loud as they land first place in the Digital Banner Making contest, followed by the SON Panthers and SS Dragons.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) Falcons seized gold in Sulat Tinyo 2020: Essay Writing Competition. The SEA Tigers and Computer Studies (CS) Chameleons secured second and third, respectively.

Hailing champions in the Quarantine Creative Series — Photography competition, the SS Dragons displayed artistry and depth among the different clusters. The CS Chameleons landed 2nd place, while the SEA Tigers placed 3rd.

The SON Panthers, on the other hand, finished 1st place in the Quarantine Creative Series — Graphics competition. The SEA Tigers and ACC Griffins landed second and third, respectively.

Once more claiming the victory, the HUMLET Wolves won 1st place in Quarantine Creative Series — Short Film. Following 2nd place is the SEA Tigers, and arriving at 3rd place is the SON Panthers.

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