February 11, 2015 (1:30 PM)

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School of Education (SOE) students gathered at room J301 last Saturday afternoon, February 7, for the First SOE Research Congress. Selected fourth year students from different majors presented the summary of their group thesis to showcase their works and give other SOE students, especially those who are in the lower years, ideas about how to carry out a research.
Several first to fourth year SOE students attended the Research Congress.

The event started with the introduction of the panel of judges who critiqued the presentations. The panel of judges is composed of Mrs. Joan Abejaron, Mrs. Rosemary Fernandez, and Mr. Dennis Coronel, all from the Sociology Department.
The next part was the presentation of the summary of the theses made by the fourth year students when they were still in third year. The presenters were called according to their majors: two presenters each from the Social Studies, English, and Preschool majors, and one presenter each from the Mathematics, General Education, and Science majors. Each was given six minutes to present their thesis.

Most of their theses generally talked about the teaching-learning process and issues related to their respective majors.
“I learned several methods about making research which could be helpful for future use,” Ivan Cano, a second-year Physical Sciences-major student, says after listening to the presenters. “It was very informative,” he adds.

After the judges’ deliberation, awards were given for the Best Oral Presenter and Excellence in Research Award. Virna Fe Gumia (Math major) won the Best Oral Presenter award, and Ruisdale Barsales (General Education major) and Arvin John Maruya (Social Studies major) won 1st and 2nd runner-up respectively.

Arvin Maruya, with the thesis “Addu BSEd Social Studies Perspectives of Their Current Curriculum,” and Ruisdale Barsales and Bianca Allawan, with their thesis “The Mathematics Proficiency In Teaching Singapore Math Of Addu GS Unit Teachers,” tied for the Excellence in Research Award. The group composed of Nicole Dela Cruz, Maria Raye Madriaga, Ella Nitorreda, Kathryn Resma and Eloisa Torregosa won 1st runner-up while Virna Gumia and Ernest James Gelmo won 2nd runner-up.

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