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Piglasapat’s candidates and supporters celebrate during the announcement of winners. Photo by Charlotte Sabanal.

Claiming a wave election with a winning slate of five positions, the Pinag-isang Lakas na Samahan ng mga Progresibong Atenista (Piglasapat) dominated the 2018 Samahan Central Board (SCB) Elections following the announcement of the official election results last Jan. 31, 2018, at the Arrupe hall.

Since the administrations of Aldwin Dumago as the SCB president-elect of 2011-2012 and Jubail Pasia as the assuming president of the same year following the resignation of Dumago, Piglasapat was able to redeem the presidential spot after six years of losing mainly from its leading rival political party, Bahaghari.

Piglasapat managed to put all their five candidates into office during the recent student council elections, filling up the positions of President, Secretary-General, Treasurer, Humanities & Letters Cluster Representative and Business & Management Cluster Representative.

Wave election

President-elect Jerry Huerbana got 1224 votes, beating Bahaghari-bet Beatriz Matuco (857 votes) and Buklurang Atenista (Buklat)-bet Arnold Roumel Lavisores (315 votes).
Meanwhile, Danielle Fanlo of Bahaghari only got 892 votes, making Mina Limbaga the Secretary-General-elect after getting a majority vote of 1366.

For the Treasurer, Piglasapat-bet Jacin Lou Padillo secured the position with a supermajority vote of 1538, beating her only opposition, Kenneth Mikko Menia (490 votes) of Buklat.

Despite the incomplete line-up for the representatives, Piglasapat secured two of nine clusters. Business & Management (B&M) Representative-elect Jehu Micah Malabar (455 votes) over Lance Marie of Quinonez (187 votes) of Buklat.

Moreover, Piglasapat-bet Jan Mari Tabligan succeeds Huerbana as the next Humlet representive after garnering 146 votes, winning over Marvelous Dainty Camilo (89) of Bahaghari.

Independent and other political party candidates

Nevertheless, some independent and other political party candidates were elected as cluster representatives. Marianne Coleen Yuson of Bahaghari, a lone candidate for Computer Studies representative, secured the spot with a total vote of 143.

Bahaghari candidate Wilfredo Gabriento Jr. made it to become the next School of Engineering & Architecture (SEA) representative after getting a majority vote of 356.

Running as independent for Accountancy representative, Weinona Sam Barcia got 301 votes, beating her opposing candidate from Bahaghari, Samsida Ayos (218 votes).

The School of Education will welcome Bahaghari’s Teresa Marie Dumandan as its new representative next school year after garnering 55 votes, beating out Buklat’s Portia Dalangin who only managed 30 votes.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) declared a failure of election for Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM) after failing to meet the 50%+1 quota requirement for the lone candidate of Buklat, Dianne Depalubos. In the case of Social Sciences (SS) and School of Nursing (SON), no one from the cluster filed for candidacy for the position of cluster representative. Both clusters will have a special election.

Less chaotic’ election

Witnesses are saying that this year’s election was less controversial compared to the previous years, as the cases of mudslinging and black propaganda declined.

Dexter Jake Villarosa, a former secretary-general and an alumnus of Piglasapat, stressed that the recent election was “less chaotic” compared to his time as a student-leader. While expressing his happiness after the victory of the political club, Villarosa also pointed out that Piglasapat this year was “intact” organizationally.

Secretary-General-elect Limbaga also said that the recent election was “relatively peaceful”.
“Wala kaayo’y issue sa akoa or sa kalaban na candidates. I think hindi siya toxic or as hard compared ‘tong previous na election,” she said.

SEA Representative-elect Gabriento also shared that the political parties focused on their platforms unlike before. Moreover, being one of the two Bahaghari candidates who made it into office, Gabriento told Atenews that their political club conceded to the official results.

Comelec Chair Charryjoy Castillon also testified that election was successful.

“I believe it was successful, considering na daghan ang nag-cooperate dili lang ang Comelec, apil ang uban nga organizations. And even the political parties and candidates kay [nag-play] well sila, especially during Tapatan. Naabot pud ang turnout, so it was a successful election,” Castillon said.

The turnover ceremony will be held at the end of the second semester.

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