September 25, 2018 (1:27 AM)

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The Ecoteneo Student Unit and Samahan Central Board headed the opening ceremony of #LCCC2018 together with the environmental advocates and students. It is a week-long event which aims to intensify the University’s effort in promoting an environmental-friendly campus held at the Arrupe Hall. Photo by Lorraine Rubi

To further educate the Ateneans on their responsibility in taking care of the environment and creating a sustainable impact, the SAMAHAN Central Board, in cooperation with the Ecoteneo Office and Pulsong Atenista, launched the ‘Let’s Go CLAYGO’ Challenge 2018, which will take place for a week until Friday, September 28.

“It is a week which aims to stimulate awareness of the environment and encourage political attention and action. With this regard, I wish to encourage each one of us to put more efforts in addressing the problem of our environment,” SAMAHAN President Jerry Huerbana said in his opening remarks.

“With feasible changes in our habits, we can significantly share this paradigm. Help change people’s mindsets and make change little by little. Each one of us can do something about this and that’s why, through the ‘Let’s Go CLAYGO’ Challenge 2018… we invite our fellow students, our faculty and staff, to join us in effort to raise awareness… to make a stand for the environment,” Huerbana concluded.

Ecoteneo Director Carmela Santos wished to see improvement in cleanliness in common student areas like the Arrupe Hall, gazebo, and satellite cafeterias.

“For this year, we want to see the improvement happen in the student community area: the Arrupe, the gazebo, and the satellite cafeteria in Finster,” Santos said.

The following are the guidelines and mechanics provided for the ‘Let’s Go CLAYGO’ challenge:

  • No maintenance personnel will collect any waste materials.
  • Common areas such as Arrupe Hall, gazebo, and satellite cafeterias, if left with litter materials, will be cordoned by a yellow tape for three hours, and no one is allowed to enter and use it.
  • Students on the disciplinary action list can render their voluntary service. One hour of segregration duty will be equal to two service hours.
  • Students can volunteer to remove the wastes by themselves.

Samahan and Pulso will take charge in ensuring proper segregation of wastes.

Other activities of the campaign include the Amazing Race, which will commence on September 26 at the Arrupe Hall, 4 PM.

On September 28, the event will conclude with the awarding, closing ceremony, and fruit buffet at the Arrupe Hall, 4 PM.

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