August 14, 2014 (10:26 AM)

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A clown entertains the children during the Children's Hour organized by SAMAHAN Welfare. Photo by Necta Casiple

A clown entertains the children during the Children’s Hour organized by SAMAHAN Welfare. Photo by Necta Casiple

The Samahan Welfare presented the Children’s Hour at the Finster Hall on the second day of the 66th Ateneo College Fiesta.

Around 50 children between 8 and 17 years of age from the Alima Development Center of the Davao City’s Social Service and Development Office (CSSDO) joined the event.

Lilibeth Ortillano, a street educator from the Alima Devs. Center said, “The children were once living on the streets and sometimes working as either carwashers, sampaguita vendors, or street beggars to make their ends meet. But now, we are advocating these children through education and sending the message of hope to them.”

Over 80 volunteers joined the kids during the event and assisted them during the activities and games on the occasion.

In the opening remarks, SAMAHAN President Regel Asuero expressed his gratitude. “Thank you very much for volunteering and I want you as well to consider this as a learning experience and to engage yourselves not only in service, but rather to enjoy your youthfulness. We are extending our hands to the kids, especially to their communities,” he said.

Children received special gifts, participated in featured entertaining activities, including balloon-making, cup stacking, hula-hoops, and a dance competition.

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