August 25, 2011 (6:06 PM)

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DESPITE the commendation for the successful hosting of this year’s Ateneo Fiesta, the Samahan Central Board has received a strong demand from the Samahan Constitutional Commission (Con-Com) to address the glaring issues and problems that concern the students within the university.

In a letter addressed to SCB’s President Aldwin Dumago, the Con-Com expressed their dismay on the delays in the finalization of SAMAHAN’s constitution and bylaws.

It (63rd Ateneo Fiesta) was undeniably fun and better compared to last year’s. However, as fun-loving Ateneans, we could not deny that there are persistent issues and problems within the school that has not been addressed for far too long or nonetheless given with due attention because of the immediate events such as this year’s Fiesta and Buklod Atenista.The issues cannot wait any longer; the rights of the students cannot be postponed any further, the Con-Com’s letter states.

The Con-Com also reminded the student government on their responsibility towards the Ateneans who trusted their leadership skills and put them in office.

As a Student Council duly elected by the students that believes in the leaders they place in the position, it is the responsibility of the Student Council to vanguard the rights and needs of the entire studentry.

The letter also requested for a meeting between the Commission and the Board to clear important matters.

The Con-Com found it alarming that the reading of the Constitution is delayed and moved to a lower priority, considering that it has to be one of SCB’s top priorities.

We insist in standing firm that this constitution must be processed in all opportunity we have. So we ask now for the support and the appropriate attention from the Samahan Central Board regarding this matter as soon as possible. “The student right must be pursued no matter what the circumstance is”, Con-Com stressed in the letter.

According to the officials of the Con-Com, Samahan existed for a long period of time without a formal constitution, and it is their aim to finalize things out to protect the welfare of every Atenean.

End the silence of the gagged!

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