June 20, 2019 (1:45 AM)

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THREE-SIXTY. The Samahan Central Board leads the official launch of Samahan 360° through a symbolic pressing of the button.

Photo by Julien Jame Apale

Following the launching of this year’s student council branding, Samahan President Dominic Ang noted that they will be focusing on five advocacies.

During the sem-opener dubbed as “#Jumpstart2019”, Ang specified that Samahan will give importance to issues concerning the environment, students’ rights and welfare, peace and development in Mindanao, sectoral representation, and sociopolitical affairs.

“Samahan 360o is navigating the path towards achieving our aspirations, from the different identities and sectors of University with everyone on board, highlighting the value of collective visioning and student participation,” Ang said during the opening program.

While promising that every view will be catered, Ang explained the necessity to direct the attention to the issues that the Samahan Central Board (SCB) deems urgent and relevant.

JUMPSTART. University clusters and divisions participate in the opening parade for Jumpstart 2019, a year-opener for the A.Y. 2019-2020. Photo by Julien Jame Apale

“Other issues and other views gina-cater namo, pero given the fact na we only have one year na mag-serve sa student body, mao to among ma-push through five advocacies namo,” Ang told Atenews, adding that other student-related concerns will not be ignored under the supervision of Samahan committees.

To further elaborate this year’s branding of SCB, Samahan Secretary-General Renz Allan Lacorte disclosed the eight flagship projects that they will be working on this school year.

The revision of the 1982 Samahan Constitution tops the list with a project name “Our Consti.” Lacorte emphasized that the decades-old constitution “does not anymore respond to the calls of times and our current realities.”

Another major flagship project to be implemented this year is the establishment of Magna Carta rights for students.

“A wider awareness of our rights as students, this year we will finalize our Magna Carta rights and we’ll be expanding the reach of its information and content. We aim the students that they will know and understand and preserve their rights as students,” Lacorte said.

Other flagship projects defined by Lacorte include the support to athletes and dancers (“Proud Blue Knights”), advancing Ecoteneo’s campaigns (“Stronger Ecoteneo”), movement against any form of discrimination (“Yes for Safer Spaces”), peace and development for Mindanao (“Hear Mindanao”), student-led Pakighinabi (“Tindig Tinyo”), and online student concern-gathering (“#SayItToSamahan”).

Jumpstart 2019: Ateneo Year Opener and Orientation Days marked the official start of SCB’s administration. The program began yesterday with the traditional parade of nine different clusters. The year opener also served as a platform for oath-taking of all Samahan officers and appointees. 

On June 22, Jumpstart 2019 will be holding a music fest for a cause which will feature local bands.

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