August 29, 2013 (3:35 AM)

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The importance of partnership between media and government offices in disaster situations was emphasized during the MovePH Davao Disaster Roundtable Discussion and Workshop.

It was organized by Rappler, a reputable social news site, on August 27 at the Ateneo de Davao University.

“It’s not only the government that has a role during disasters. Even media has to play its part in helping improve what has happened before,” Vikki Mae Amorio, an AdDU Mass Communication student, stressed.

According to Chay Hofileña, Citizen’s Journalist and Community Engagement Director of Rappler, media and government offices that respond during disasters must practice exchanging and sharing of information.

“It is important because we realize that the data we [journalists] collect are not only for reporting. People need this information to survive,” Karlos Manlupig, a Mindanao-based journalist, said.

Hofileña added that this role is greatly improved through the use of social media, which made the spreading of news more fast and accessible for people.

She added the trend in sharing information through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has shown effectiveness. This could also be used in disasters so that news spread “at the current time and not only after” a calamity to alert other communities.

“It’s news as it happens,” Hofileña said.

The benefits of social media sites is not only limited to sharing information. It can also be a way for the media and government to pick up vital information. With its power, the accuracy of news should not be underscored.

“Now, everyone can be publishers. Anyone has the power to put anything on the net,” Hofileña stressed.

She said this is the reason why internet users, especially citizen journalists, should apply the famous phrase “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

The discussion aimed to improve disaster risk reduction and management efforts in Davao City. It was attended by student journalists and disaster management government offices in the city.

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