November 13, 2019 (10:45 PM)

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STRESS REDUCTION. Dr. Parkash T. Mansukhani discusses the importance of mindfulness in his lecture for a mini workshop on mindfulness-based stress reduction. Photo by Rea Jean Cabahug

In an exercise led by Dr. Parkash T. Mansukhani, a Davao-based Internist and Pulmonologist, students were convinced to “hug themselves” to attain balance in their mental well-being.

With the rise of issues of mental well-being to students, the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Mini-Workshop, spearheaded by Dr. Mansukhani, aimed to inform students how mindfulness can relieve oneself from stress, depression, and anxiety.

In a 1 hour and 30-minute talk with Mansukhanzi, he explained that mindfulness is an essential life skill that complements but does not replace medical or psychological treatment.

Mindfulness, according to the doctor, is the human ability to pay attention. This will help students attain a balanced life- a term that should involve awareness of self and adjustment to needs.

He also asserted that students should use this skill as it will serve as mental training to be conscious in the present moment with values of kindness and curiosity.

With this, the said mini-workshop was a practice that would help a student become genuinely present with relationships, challenges, and personal management.

“This practice helps our mindfulness to be truly functional. Our awareness becomes a good aspect of mindfulness since we pay attention to our being,” Mansukhani affirmed.

This event was in partnership with the University Clinic and was conducted in Room F213, 3:40-5:40 pm on Monday.

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