June 6, 2020 (8:29 PM)

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Photo from Project Dyesabel Facbook Page

In celebration of three environmental events, marine conservation advocacy Project Dyesabel held an online music fund-raising event yesterday to promote environment conservation and to help the Bajau community.

“Online MuSEAkahan 2020” celebrated World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, and Project Dyesabel’s second anniversary with the theme #2getherForPeopleAndPlanet, showcasing performances from Davaowenyo artists via Facebook Livestream.

Responding to “both the cry of the Earth and the poor,” proceeds and donations of the event will benefit the Project Bayanihan Beneficiaries, specifically the Bajau community in Matina Aplaya, Davao City.

Financial aid during COVID-19

Project Dyesabel founder Amiel Lopez admitted that the pre-pandemic events with Project Bayanihan, the importance of cash and in-kind donations, and the vision to make it “online” inspired him to initiate the significant event.

“I saw a great opportunity kasi I’m part of Project Bayanihan, a youth-led org din na na-create din last March 2020 lang to support indigent communities… Then nakita ko rin na perfect to continue the muSEAkahan is to make it online. Make it online for a cause,” Lopez shared.

It could be remembered that MuSEAkahan 2019’s vision was to empower women and the Bajau youth by handing out 150 packs of school supplies for Bajau kids/Happy Fish Kids. This time, Project Dyesabel wants to sustain this tradition by focusing on environment conservation and the welfare of the said Bajau community.

According to Lopez, what had also pushed him to do this event are the socio-economic struggles of more than 180 Bajau families during this pandemic.

“Before the pandemic, main source nila sa income is fishing and maglako ng ukay-ukay kahit saan-saan. With the pandemic, limited lang ang interaction for people due to physical distancing and hina rin kita ng fishing etc. Need din ng mga bata ng tuition fee para sa school nila sa public school for the new normal,” he told Atenews.

With this situation, he stated that donations would help the organization actualize their plans by using the portion of the fund to buy basic needs and coordinating with the community on livelihood and education mechanisms.

Though “being limited” due to the General Community Quarantine, Lopez hopes that these efforts will happen.

“We can scaffold and help them in the process of it,” Lopez said.


In line with the organization’s mission to save the waters, “Online MuSEAkahan 2020” revealed a new AdDU socio-civic organization named AdDU-DYESABEL, which seeks to continue the innovation made by Project Dyesabel throughout a couple of years.

“For two years, DYESABEL, our main organization, has been to a lot of experimentation, prototypes, and innovation para maka-serve better sa people and planet. With that in mind, I saw a great opportunity to make it as part of AdDU CCO socio-civic clubs kasi I saw the trend of our days eh.”

“Mostly, youths are now opening themselves in environment conservation in which I am so happy gyud!” Lopez said.

Lopez also concluded that ADDU-DYESABEL would be a pioneering project of another experimentation, prototype, and innovation to encourage Ateneans to care for our common home in service for Mindanao.

Project Bayanihan and Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSALI) – Davao Hub were co-coordinators in this online event. The six-part show lasted from 8 pm to 12 am.

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