January 22, 2019 (10:09 AM)

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In response to the challenge of greater intellectual engagement for mission, a research dissemination was held last Jan. 21, 2019 at the Finster Auditorium.

Fr. Dan McNamara, member of the University Research Council (URC), talked about the relevance of research and the role of the university.

“The truth is something we need to find out. We have to uncover it, and that is research. We don’t just do teaching. We also do research. It is spreading the truth for all,” McNamara cited during his opening remarks.

The forum, organized by the University Research Council under the leadership of Dr. Lourdesita Chan, featured five studies where the professors gave 15-minute presentations for the abstracts of their study.

“Beneath Champa” reconstructed pre-Hispanic Butuan in relation to other polities of an international system. 
“Baseline Monitoring of Davao Gulf” discussed the impact of climate change on the Davao Gulf in terms of ocean acidification and coral bleaching.

Joval Afalla, one of the researchers on Davao Gulf, remarked that there is an alarming change in ocean temperature by comparing results from a 1982 study with their findings.

Cleofe Arib, one of the proponents of “Mapping Organic Farms in Davao City, presented their collection of data on organic farms which aided in uncovering common problems in the industry.

“We are hoping to extend help [to organic farmers] in terms of areas we are familiar of particularly in marketing, management and financing,” Arib expressed.

“Geo-Mapping and Land Suitability Assessment for Mindanao” gathered Davao-wide data on land use and crop suitability. The study recommended better farmer education and partnership with the Department of Agriculture.

“Increasing Hazard Awareness in New Bataan” presented results of a geohazard assessment and a three-dimensional map of the municipality aiming to raise disaster awareness.

The presenters held open forums in the several rooms of 7F Finster.

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