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Photo by Ian Derf Salvaña

Lidasan answers questions during the open forum. Photo by Ian Derf Salvaña

The Political Science students conducted a three-part Peace Caravan entitled Salaam Mindanao last Sept. 28-30.

The purpose of the said event was “to promote peace that does justice especially in Mindanao”. According to the pamphlet given, the event also supported the peace-settlements currently happening in Mindanao through numerous initiatives such as the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

The first event, “Kasadya Mindanao” was a three-day activity at the Thibault grounds from Monday to Wednesday that included photo exhibits, freedom wall, and booths for peace.

Kaalam Mindanao, the Salaam 2015 forum, followed at the Media room, 8th floor, Community Center last Sept. 30. The forum was entitled “iSPEAK: A levelling-off Forum on the History and Updates on the Peace Settlements in Mindanao.”

Ergel Rosal, overall coordinator of the event, opened the event by reminding everyone that the only way to peace is peace itself.

Al-Qalam Institute Director Datu Mussolini Lidasan, the resource speaker of the forum, divided his lecture into four parts which answered questions about “locating the conflict, how did the Philippines get here, where it is now and its recommendations about moving forward”.

He also discussed about the issues in Mindanao, especially the Bangsamoro peace process and the alleged militarization happening in the lumad hinterlands.

“End the dictatorship and restore peace,” Lidasan said during his final message.

At the end of the speech, an open forum took place that invited the students to ask questions about the talk or give comments and share their insights.

After the forum, Kahiusa Mindanao followed at the Arrupe Hall, 5:00 pm wherein a candle lighting, cultural presentation and a boodle feast took place.

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