September 17, 2016 (10:58 AM)

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Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

A member of the university’s Nursing division faculty speaking during the forum. Photo by Hannah Lou Balladares

To increase awareness on the ill effects of drug abuse and as a support activity for the waging war on drugs campaign, Ateneo students and faculty gathered at the Nursing Fundamentals Lab last Sept. 16, for the Philippine Nursing Students Association (PNSA) Mental Awareness Forum.
Entitled “Drugs: You Use, You Lose”, the forum focused its topics on the effects of illegal drugs on mental health, and on drug abuse and rehabilitation.

The event’s speaker, Jerry Joseph Valderrama, ICACI, RC, Addiction Program Director of New Day Recovery Center, Inc. and an International Certified Addiction Professional II expressed his thoughts regarding the event.

“It is indeed very important kasi in most cases people start at a very young age. If and when people are not that educated or not well informed, most likely they may have unfortunate choices that may lead them into very disturbed lives in the future,” he pointed out.

Valderrama, in his talk also discussed about how addiction comes out not just as a biological disease, but as a spiritual and emotional disease as well. Furthermore, video clips and short films were shown depicting how substance abuse has become a worldwide dilemma, destroying the lives of many.

Several queries on the government’s war on drugs campaign especially on the problems regarding rehabilitation were also raised.

Third year Mass Communication student Leona Angelie Diocera shared her experience with the event.

“It’s good na people could be informed about this issue, because personally, I’ve learned a lot from this event. I hope Ateneo will have more of this,” she said.

PNSA -AdDU president Shaira Andres, expressed her joy for the turnout of the participation for the event.

“I’m very glad na may from other divisions rin na nagpunta, aside from the nursing students because we as Ateneans need to be informed about this issue, as well as share it sa community natin,” she said.

The event was organized by the Philippine Nursing Students Association-AdDU chapter.

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