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Raw. Sharp. Young. Held at the Roxas Field at 3:40 p.m. to 5;30 p.m, the First Year Representative Miting de Avance was filled with hopes of aspiring leaders armed with no less than their charm and potential.

Organized by the AdDU COMELEC and hosted by George Gerard Lewis and Kit Richie Gaviola, the event covered a 2-minute speech of every candidate highlighting their platforms. The contenders were also given time to answer questions from the students.

The COMELEC presented a promotional video of the First Year representative’s automated election. It was followed by a mock election.

COMELEC Chairperson April Ledesma said that aside from the students’ awareness of how their votes would be casted, it was also for the checking and adjustment of the equipments.

Voting starts on July 11 (at the Thibault grounds fronting the elevator) until July 13 (FYDP Day, AdDU Matina campus, IT Laboratory).


As a guide, here are the platforms of the candidates. Choose well. Vote wisely. First year, exercise your right!


First Year Candidates’ Platforms

Kyle David P. Junasa BS-Entrepreneurship

“As a good leader, I listen to my fellow students by heart, not by self-interest.”

FY Speak – Genuine consultation must be exercised to empower and bring the students back to the “grassroots level”

FY Hotline – Information dissemination that updates every student on the current and upcoming events in the university

FY Unleash – Chance for first years to release and improve their inner potential


Klyde Kristian E. Mata AB-Mass Communication


Express: Help students “spread their wings”; Formulation of a club called “band society”. Where first year students can learn and express themselves through music and dancing.

Expose: Let first years say what they want or suggest what they want; Placement of suggestion boxes per division office.

Extend: Inform students on the activities and announcements of the Samahan.


Tyrone Kim J. Geronga AB-Political Science

“A change that we can all believe in, real plans for real people.”

Street Law Program – Inform students of their basic human rights

Theatre Workshops – Enhance students’ acting skills

“Difference” – “Let your heart speak! Together, let’s change today and tomorrow.”


Khryzza Mae J. Pinzon BS-Accountancy

“First year Atenista: Standing out the Ateneo way!”

FY iLine – Creation of complaints and assistance service system

FY Barkadahan at Tawanan for a Cause – Event of raising financial support; Opportunity for first years to showcase comedic skills

FY Think Green – Activities for the preservation of the environment and its resources; promote environmental awareness among first years

FY E-Night – Event that will showcase the diversity of skills and talents of the first years


Melzar R. Galicia Jr. BS-Business Management

“First year Atenista: Standing out the Ateneo way”

FY Should Know – Formation of different mediums of information dissemination

FY Ilhanay – Acquaintance, leadership training and team building event

FY Fiesta – Event that promotes Filipino nationalism and patriotism, infusion of Filipino culture in activities and contests

“FY-Chievements” – celebration of the freshmen’s first year in the Ateneo community; recognize the achievements of fellow first years and their mentors


Darwin Carmelotes BS-Mechanical Engineering

First Year Teaching Program (FYTP) – “Students with poor grades must be tutored so they could pursue their ambitions”; Individual and group tutoring

First Year Sports Fests – First years’ showcase of their different skills in a way they will acquire sportsmanship and brotherhood


Frances Dixy B. Acera BS-Civil Engineering


Building the gap – Every activity period, the FY committee will hold a recruitment activity where clubs and organizations will present their club-abouts “in order to recruit students in their respective groups.”

Intensify the bond – “Where we, the freshmen, will create identity and at the same time have more time to bond and be acquainted with each other.”

Going for excellence – “We will be of-service to our co-freshmen who need assistance in their academics.”


Micah Jaycel M. Tacastacas BS-Mechanical Engineering

Little SCB – Inspired by the SCB, this little SCB will serve as the venue for the first year students to be heard and empowered by having a first year representative

Fashion Freedom Night (FFNight) – Avenue for first year students to showcase their talents and get to know each other

Ed. Field Trips – First years will be able to witness what they’ve been talking about in the four corners of the classroom



By: John Paulo Vicencio & Katrina Kate Dianne Punay

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