February 18, 2019 (10:53 AM)

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SAMAHAN President-elect Christian Dominic Ang (L) and incumbent president Jerry Herbuana (R) talk after the announcement of SCB election results.

Photo by Julien Jame Apale

To pass the leadership on the collective visions of the student government, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) announced the new set of Samahan Central Board (SCB) Officers last Feb. 15, 2019 at the Arrupe Hall.

The Pinag-isang Lakas ng Samahan ng mga Progresibong Atenista (Piglasapat) secured the positions of Samahan president, secretary-general and treasurer which was in resonance with the 2018 SCB Elections where the political organization also secured the same positions.

In a statement from Piglasapat on their twitter account, it mentioned that the candidates “look forward to journeying towards a concrete vision towards a represented, involved and empowered Ateneo de Davao University student body.”

Pushing towards a well-represented Samahan, Christian Dominic Ang garnered 57.6% of the non-abstaining votes thus declaring him as the new Samahan president.

Ang expressed that winning the positions with his fellows in the political organization would allow them to better accomplish their agenda.

“I will be working with people who have the same vision and ideology as I have. It is easier now to implement and materialize the plans we have for the students next academic year,” Ang remarked.

Ang added that he hoped that the incoming officers will set aside their differences in order for them to fully serve the students.

Renz Lacorte earned the secretary-general position with 69.3% of the non-abstaining votes. Lacorte endeavored the idea of providing Samahan Guide Books in both printed and electronic formats.

After winning the elections, Lacorte shared how Piglasapat securing the higher positions of SCB was a “humbling experience” and could be attributed to positive contributions.

Lacorte said, “It only manifests that the party thrives to continue in serving the community. [It] could also mean that maybe the outgoing Samahan was successfully led by the officers from Piglasapat, and the party joins the community in continuing the work.”

Ernesto Gallemit was announced as treasurer after earning 65.0% of the non-abstaining votes. Gallemit carried with him the platforms of the Payaman Fair which aimed to benefit student-entrepreneurs.

Carrying the platforms of a Griffin Archive and the revival official publication of the Accountancy cluster, Piglasapat’s Junius Junsay became the Accountancy Representative after winning against opponent Stephany Magallen.

With the platform of catering weekly updates and concerns of the nursing students, Bahaghari’s Alexandra Balao gained the position of School of Nursing Representative after gathering more votes versus opponent Kenneth Albores.

There was no failure of election for any of the representative positions since the Comelec was able to tally 50% + 1 votes, including abstainees, from the divisions that had lone candidates.

The following results were announced by the Comelec: Shiena Carreon as Business and Management representative, Carl Maglinte as Humanities and Letters representative, Chardanne Magno as School of Engineering and Architecture representative, Marju Paguidopon as School of Education representative, Nicole Natividad as Social Sciences representative, and Adrheinelle Taghoy as Computer Science Representative.

Failure of elections would have meant that special elections would need to be done to fill up the vacant offices.

The newly-elected officers will serve the student body for the academic year 2019-2020.

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