September 10, 2011 (1:27 PM)

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The first ever Philippine Foreign Relations Week of Ateneo de Davao University was conducted last August 31 to September 7.

The Philippines and the World was showcased in Thibault Grounds, emphasizing the history of DFA and various aspects of Philippine Foreign relations with Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, and USA.

Different events like a photo exhibit and forums about the importance of foreign relations were showcased within the vicinity of the said university.

The forum, DFA Exposed: The Role of DFA in Philippine Society described the role of DFA, the importance of the Foreign Service examination, and discussed the current West Philippine dispute between Philippines and China through its speaker, Ms. Erlinda B. Albay, RCO Director of DFA Davao.

Another forum entitled Strengthening Ties in Promoting the Advancement of Asian Nations held at F705A was led by Hon. Yoshiyuki Isoda, the Consulate of Japan last September 2. Hon. Isoda talked about the history of the Philippine-Japan Relations, the functions of his consulate, and the challenges that his office faces.

A forum on the Philippine-Indonesia Relations wrapped up the week-long event. “Taking Steps For A Better Relationship” was led by the Consul-General of Indonesian Consulate, Honorable Sukarsono, who talked about the history and the current bilateral relations of Philippines and Indonesia. He also talked about numerous scholarship and exchange programs his office and government is currently offering.

“The PFR week serves to complement the learnings of the students in the classroom through activities such as forum, diplomatic discussions, and exhibits”, says Mr. Akeem Jade Fabila, a member of the IS Faculty. “It [PFR Week] also allows students to learn diplomatic practices and protocols through interactions with consul officers in Davao City”, he added.

The entire PFR week was a product of the efforts of the entire 2nd Year International Studies students from both Asian and American Studies.

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