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“Fall in love, stay in love and it will decide everything.”

In the 25th year of Fr. Pedro Arrupe’s remembering, students and Faculty members gathered for the “Love Stories: The Invisible Forces Within” at the Finster Auditorium, last Feb. 6.

The Arrupe Office of Social Formation, organized the event in celebration of pursuing dreams, caring for the environment and fighting for social justice and the common good.

The event brought three speakers to share their own love stories and inspire people by the love of God.

Aside from the talks, there were music, dancing and poetry reading.

‘Kung Diyos ang tumawag, Diyos ang bahala’

The first speaker, Fr. Antonio Basilio, S.J., talked about God’s assurance and his journey before becoming a Jesuit.

His talk revolved around the line, “Kung Diyos ang tumawag, Diyos and bahala.”

He shared that he was unsure of entering the religious life. It bought doubts in him if he could really pursue the life of being a priest. He told the audiences that he didn’t fully understood what he was getting into because he had fears of failing along the way.

“While there [were] fears in that uncertainty, there was also freedom and joy in poverty, chastity and obedience,” he said.

Basilio, continued by sharing his real life challenge of taking his Doctoral Studies in Taiwan. He talked about the struggles of being a missionary, and most especially, his experiences of teaching Chemistry in the bilibid.

He said he was amazed by the lessons he learned from those people.

He ended his speech by leaving a prayer to each one of the audience.

Taking the road less traveled

Continuing the event, Marichelle De Ramos, former moderator of Teatro Ateneo, shared the story of her own ‘love life’.

She first shared some things about her life, specifically her dreams and passion about theater arts and film. She would’ve wanted to make it big, but she thought there were limitations in those field. So, she took a different path.

“I did not settle for less. But, I took the road less traveled,” she said.

According to her, it was the forces within which led her to become a teacher. And she was thankful for those forces.

She talked more about reaching her dreams by being the moderator of the Teatro Ateneo. And how she lived her life goal of making a difference in the lives of the others. And she thanked the Lord for allowing her to love so much.

She said the hardest part of being a teacher was to see her students who she loves the most leave and say goodbye.

In teaching, God made her experience the feeling of unconditional love.

A video presentation of some of the performances of De Ramos’ students was shown at the end of her speech.

Finding love in God’s creation

Darrel Blatchley, an environmental advocate, was the last speaker of the event who talked about his love for the nature and animals.

He first gave a background of his life in Thailand and in the Philippines. He shared about him having a successful life but still feeling that something is missing.

Big decisions and sacrifices came along the way. He was tested by God to give up the things he had. However, he said that beyond those sacrifices were better and greater things.

The forces within led him to a museum, which he knew that it is where God wants him to be. He explained that with the help of his team, they renovated the museum and turned it to something more educational.

He didn’t allow to limit himself from doing great things, so he worked hard in preserving the environment and the wild life. He took care of the animals especially those endangered. Now, he is a curator at the bone collector museum.

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