July 31, 2020 (9:49 PM)

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COMMUNICATING OPPORTUNITIES. Monster Radio Station Manager, Napoleon “Paul” David II, ABS-CBN Davao’s Vina Araneta- Pilapil, and Sunstar Davao’s Editor-in-Chief, RJ Lumawag team up in the discussion on passion and journalism in SINIKOM’s webinar titled, “Tomorrowland: Seeing Your Future Today” via Zoom, July 30. Screenshot taken by Jared Joshua Bangcaya

In everything you do, passion is important. Such was emphasized during the Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Sining at Komunikasyon (SINIKOM)’s “Tomorrowland: Seeing Your Future Today” by Monster Radio Station Manager, Napoleon “Paul” David II, ABS-CBN Davao’s Vina Araneta- Pilapil, and Sunstar Davao’s Editor-in-Chief, RJ Lumawag, the speakers of the webinar last July 30 via Zoom.

According to Paul David II, due to the CoViD-19 pandemic, most media establishments are having a hard time adjusting to the new normal. 

This was because of most companies pulling back advertising jobs.

Despite this, he said that their station is doing their best to keep listeners in Davao well-informed and entertained.

Before becoming Sunstar’s EIC, Lumawag was a former sports writer for the company then transferred to various establishments mentioning Mindanao Development Authority. When he returned to Sunstar Davao, he was offered the EIC position.

“If you continue to improve in communicating, opportunities will come.” Lumawag stated.

He continued, “Print media is a fun job, however, do not expect for a high pay.”

“Thankless job kasi siya. It’s about passion and not the pay,” Pilapil stated.

She also mentioned that if one proves himself/herself to his/her listeners and starts to grow an audience, he/she will have a bright future in the field and increase of pay will follow. 

Sharing their experiences, the speakers highly recommended to the participants to find a job that will be fulfilling and enjoyable to them so that they may give their all despite the challenges they may face.

Araneta-Pilapil shared her struggles in broadcast journalism.

“Fake news is one of the struggles we are facing,” she said.

With information being limited due to the pandemic, fighting fake news and defending press freedom has become a rough battle.

She continued that dealing with pressure and having limited time to spend with her family are some of the struggles she faces.

“You should learn how to write a script in under an hour or be ready to face the camera without any script at all,” she shared.

Ending the webinar, Pilapil encouraged the listeners to do their best if they enjoy what they do.

“When nothing is certain, anything is possible. You know what happened to ABS, and it’s really a hard journey. But as to my job, I’m really happy, and ito ang gagawin ko hanggang sa pagtanda ko,” she concluded.

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