August 17, 2017 (12:26 PM)

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Contestants from EA and ACC battled it out in the Dragon’s Tail game.
Photo by Lorraine Rubi

The 7th floor of Martin building buzzed with excitement as students anticipated the start of Palarong Pinoy 2017, held last Wednesday, August 16.

The game ended with a tie in the championship title between School of Engineering & Architecture (SEA) Tigers and the Accountancy (ACC) Griffins. Business and Management Vipers (B&M) took the first runner up and CS for the second runner up.

Four interesting games were incorporated in the yearly event. They were The Card Game, Limbo Rack, Butt Race and Dragon Tail.

The overall winner of the Palaro was determined by the total score of games won. First place amounted to 10 points, second place 7 and third place 5.

The first game was played by passing a card to another teammate with only the use of lips. The teams came up with different tactics as they scrambled to pass the cards as quickly as they could.  The B&M and SEA players shared the same strategy but B&M proved to be a more solid team as they won the first game. SEA and SS took first and second runner-ups respectively.

The second game, Limbo Rack, was a cheerful and merry competition as each player walked under a rope blindfolded. ACC won the round followed by EA and NSM.

Butt Race proved to be challenging as players from each division had to sit on a sack and move to the destined point without making floor contact. Despite the difficulties, the Griffins took first place followed by the SEA tigers and HUM wolves.

To spice things up, a bonus game was added. The member who could steal an enemy division flag would be awarded 10 points. The CS chameleons earned the extra points by stealing the ACC griffins’ yellow flag.

Dragon Tail was a game that required teamwork. Each team was assigned a piece of cloth which corresponded to their division color called the “tail”. This cloth had to be guarded as its loss would result in their eviction.

The game turned physical as the remaining divisions, SEA, B&M and ACC fought to win.

The competition was put to a halt as the SEA tigers reported a violation. The BM vipers were accused of pushing them, allowing their tail to be taken away.

The misunderstanding was soon fixed and the Vipers battled out the last round against the griffins.

It was a heated race as the ACC griffins and SEA tigers tied for the championship title. Both divisions were about to be announced victors when the tigers provided the purple flag of the CS chameleons, earning them an additional 10 points and making them the overall champions of Palarong Pinoy 2017.

The ACC griffins and BM vipers were shocked at the sudden turn of events. Commotion ensued as they questioned the event’s unclear rules and regulations.

The bonus game stated that points would be awarded to the team that was able to steal an enemy’s flag. A CS member had apparently left the flag to a SEA player to be returned before leaving the premises.  The BM vipers retorted that the flag was not stolen but rather, freely given.

The event organizers convened for a discussion of the results as members of the ACC and BM clusters freely expressed their dissatisfaction.

After the meeting, the organizers concluded a tie in the championship title, disregarding the bonus points earned as it did not coincide with the game’s rules’s

End the silence of the gagged!

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