September 15, 2022 (4:23 PM)

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Despite the fact that it was the first big face-to-face event in the Ateneo after two years of online events, results of the SAMAHAN Research and Development (R&D) department’s post-fiesta evaluation indicated that Ateneans had a positive overall experience with the Palarong Atenista and SADYA 2022: The Ateneo Fiesta.

The survey assessed student satisfaction in seven categories, namely: information dissemination, online platforms, program execution, schedule, working committees, event mechanics, and scoring and tabulation.

“Overall and in general, the students agree that the fiesta was conducted successfully… this is true because no items were interpreted in the ‘disagree’ range,” R&D Director Mae Antonnette Balili probed.

Palarong Atenista 2022 satisfaction

Earning the highest mean at 6.30 on the 7-point Likert scale, students strongly agree the Scoring and Tabulation during Palarong Atenista were satisfactory.

Event Mechanics tallied a similar rating with 6.16, while Information Dissemination, Online Platforms, Program Execution, Schedule, and Working Committees scored points between 5.77-6.09, falling under the “somewhat agree” interpretation.

Among the in-campus events, Volleyball (men and women) garnered the highest average score at 6.18 and recorded the highest number of attendance with 364 attendees (out of 581 respondents). 

Chess (men & women) topped the scale in online events with a score of 6.06 in satisfaction, meanwhile Valorant topped the attendance with 217 spectators.

SADYA 2022 overall assessment  

The 74th Ateneo Fiesta notched the same satisfaction from Ateneans, some categories higher than the Palaro assessment in slight margins.

Information Dissemination and Scoring and Tabulation shared the highest mean of 6.31, followed by Event Mechanics (6.27 points), Online Platforms (6.15 points), Working Committees (6.14 points), Program Execution (6.11 points), and Schedule (5.94 points).  

Sayawtenista ranked first in the competitive events with a recorded attendance of 393 and a 6.47 rating, the highest score reflected in the evaluation. In non-competitive events, Musikahan tracked the highest attendance, while Fiesta Pakaon received the highest score with 6.17 points.  

Indicating overall satisfaction, all events in Sadya 2022 didn’t garner a score well below 6.   

Forecast and retention

The SAMAHAN R&D department Director also noted that the schedule had the lowest mean for both Palaro and Sadya evaluation results.

“There is really an issue about schedule planning, setting, dissemination, and execution,” Balili told Atenews.

The director added it was interesting that results last year and this year were consistent, saying it meant the same concerns on the schedule were notable to Ateneans.  

Results of the evaluation concluded on August 24 – September 2 let SAMAHAN know which aspect “needs more improvements.”

As per Balili, comments and suggestions were discussed with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) last September 9 and a copy was sent to cluster reps and relative SAMAHAN offices.  

The data gathered came from 581 respondents, with 37.7% of them coming from the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA). The full results of the survey can be viewed here.

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