October 14, 2023 (7:16 PM)

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DEFENDED. The School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) Tigers’ Vito Echavez, Ryan Nalugon, and Anekein Belandres overpowered the Business and Management (B&M) Vipers’ scoring a 3-1 advantage during a penalty shootout in the Palarong Atenista 2023 mixed football championship games last Sunday, October 8.

Photo by Toni Anne Albarico

The School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) Tigers emerged victorious over the Business and Management (B&M) Vipers through a 3-1 victory by a penalty shoot-out in the Palarong Atenista 2023 football mixed league finals.

Both teams confronted each other toe-to-toe as they used both halves, including the overtime, for the duration of the match with a clean sheet for both teams, resulting in a penalty shoot-out.

The first half exhibited an intense showdown with the Tigers on the offensive, led by Ryan Nalugon and Vito Echavez as a response to the goal threats directed by Neil Adrianne Te from the Vipers.

During the second half, the Tigers rained on a barrage of goal attempts to secure a victory, only to fall short due to  the ball going out of bounds and the defenses of the Vipers’ goalie.

With still a clean sheet for both teams due to the defenses of both teams’ goalkeepers, the match went on to overtime with the ball in the Tigers’ control but to no avail, as the enemy’s goalkeeper thwarted each attempt.

During the shoot-out, Tigers Echavez, Nalugon, and Anekein Belandres managed to score goals against the enemy goalie to finally add scores to their scoresheets, with only one goal awarded to the Vipers due to the saves of the Finals MVP Alliah Gaylan, causing the game to end in Tigers’ victory, 3-1.

In a post-game interview with Atenews, Tigers midfielder Daryll Relatorres said the crucial moment that helped them secure victory was their keen observation of their opponents and the strategy of controlling the middle ground as much as possible.

“We took note of their star players and defended against them physically as much as possible during the tournament, and we controlled the middle ground so we could switch smoothly from attack to defense,” Relatorres stated.

Despite the scorching heat brought by the sun, the Tigers managed to evolve throughout the tournament by focusing on the versatility of their roster and the tactical switching of the players as a means to improve their recovery.

“These adjustments allowed us to maintain a competitive edge, were pivotal in achieving our goals, and ultimately contributed to our success,” Tigers’ goalkeeper Gharylle Doromal said.

The victors ultimately revealed that their trust in one another and thinking positively were the primary drives that helped them get the crown this year.

The championship match was held at the Ateneo de Davao University Junior High on October 8.

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