October 6, 2023 (10:33 PM)

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SEA RULES WOMEN’S DIVISION. School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) Cluster sweeps the championship match with a 3-0 win against the Computer Studies Cluster in the women’s darts tournament last October 1, 2023.

School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) darts representative Maevel Hyacinth Elevazo dominated the women’s darts category, besting Computer Science (CS) Chameleon’s player Kharhyll Joy Laranio in a best of five finals series, 3-0.

The Darts tournament followed the 301 rule, where the players have 301 points by default, and each of their throw’s scores are deducted from the default score until one finally reaches zero, signaling a player’s win.

The championship’s first game started with Laranio taking the lead for the first few throws before Elevazo reversed the table, eventually closing the gap during the game’s peak with only 16 points left to cover while CS was still at 20 points.

Elevazo took it as a chance to close the gap further until SEA only had to clear four remaining points to win the game, while CS was stuck at 20 points.

After several busts from both players, Elevazo was able to secure the first game by scoring a double two.

The second game started with SEA Tiger immediately taking the lead after the first few throws despite the CS Chameleon’s attempts to close the gap, ensuring Elevazo’s win in the second game.

During the third game for the championship, Laranio immediately took the lead by closing the score to six points, with the Tiger’s representative still at 32 points. 

However, failing to take double three’s, Elevazo immediately won after clearing the 32 remaining points.

“It was relieving and satisfying since it is my first time playing after a year. I’m really happy. During the pandemic kay walang darts but may board kami sa bahay pero inalis kaya hindi pa rin ako naka-laro. After pandemic– playing after pandemic is really nerve-wrecking since di naman ako pro-player but I’m happy with the result,” Elevazo said.

While the championship battle was ongoing, a game was simultaneously held with Business and Management (B&M) representative Arabella Guzman and Accountancy Cluster’s dart player Desiree Anne Ontoy, both vying for bronze.

After five games, Guzman was able to snatch the win as the Viper’s representative was able to break its tie with the Griffin’s player by winning 3 games amidst 2 losses.

The tournament was held at the Martin Hall’s 4th Floor on October 1, 2023.

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