October 14, 2023 (3:42 PM)

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Geared towards a feathering and strapping triumph, the Accountancy (ACC) Griffins reigned supreme against the Business and Management (B&M) Vipers in the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) championship in this year’s Palarong Atenista with a staggering win of 3-1.

The match-up included four core multiplayer game modes chosen in the tilt: Hardpoint: Standoff, Search and Destroy: Standoff, Control: Raid, and Hardpoint: Firing Range. 

In the first game mode, Hardpoint, players from both sides attempted to hold positions in a bid to score points for their teams. However, the Griffins took command with their blitzing bullets and calibers, paving the way for the B&M Vipers to endure their first defeat in a 250-138 kills match score. “Katol” Cedrick Joel Tulo of ACC led the squad with 51 kills, making him the first match MVP.

Coming into the second game mode, Search and Destroy, the Vipers drove out the Griffins in an overtime match, where the supposed seven rounds were extended to 10, with the Vipers forcing a deuce with a score of 3-7.

The third game’s mode–Control exhibited the yellow squad dominating the first round but were thwarted by the Vipers in the second. Both teams continued to heat up the rivalry reaching a deadlock 2-2. Eventually, ACC outlasted B&M in the tight match, 3-2.

In the fourth game in Hardpoint, the Vipers’ eagerness to even out the championship series was to no use as the Griffins showed no mercy to their opponent, leading the game with a 247–143 kills match score. Ultimately, the Griffins came out on top, winning the game 250-143, with ‘ACC Elle’ Catherine Dasshelle Omas–their team captain–as the match’s most valuable player, scoring 51 kills to their total. 

The ACC Griffins CODM squad was comprised of the following students: Neil Gerald Natad ‘ACC Nekiii’, Maria Krisha Suria ‘ACC Koshi’, Ralf Christian Hojilla ‘ACC Chrizz’, Catherine Dasshelle Omas-As ‘ACC Elle’, Cedrick Joel Tulo ‘ACC Katol’, Mykie Claire Corbeta ‘ACC Xanyy’, Josh Vincent Magnanao ‘ACC Director’.   

In an interview with Atenews, ‘ACC Elle’ Catherine Dasshelle Omas-As stated that she felt honored representing their cluster and thanked them for their support as for her, their win was a reflection of their teamwork and dedication.

“This unity allowed us to complement each other’s strengths and cover for each other’s weaknesses,” she said. 

This year’s silver medalists were the B&M Vipers CODM squad, consisting of Brylle John Antolejao ‘BMV Hypnos’, James Brylle Bayot  ‘BMV Kino’, Achilleus Czenon Castillo ‘BMV Zenon’, William Lahoy ‘BMV Wenz’, Famela Kay Paman ‘BMV Aki’ and Yume Marie Nuñez ‘BMV Mochiko’. 

Delving deeper into this year’s Palarong Atenista CODM matches, the School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers won the bronze medal with a 3-0 sweep over the School of Nursing Panthers.

The Palarong Atenista ’23 Call of Duty Mobile tilt was live-streamed via the SAMAHAN Palarong Atenista Facebook page on October 13, 2023.

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