August 9, 2019 (5:08 PM)

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TIE-BREAKER. Tension rises as Computer Studies cluster fights against Accountancy’s leading score. Photo by Sofia Roena Guan

After an intense five-game match, the Computer Studies (CS) team, Hackers, were hailed as champions against Accountancy (ACC) Team B in the first Mobile Legends (ML) E-sports tournament championships of the Palarong Atenista 2019.

The Hackers won with a score of 3-2.

They started by dominating the first round with their knockout team of Kagura, Chou, Kaja, Tigreal, and Moskov. 

Despite losing, Accountancy Team B made an epic comeback in the second round with their unique combination of Alice, Minotaur, Clint, Akai, and Lunox. 

They bagged the third round for a staggering 2-1 until the Hackers displayed strategic teamwork during clashes in the fourth round. 

With the added advantage of outnumbering the opponent’s creep kills, the CS team snowballed to victory. 

“I am happy that we won kay intense among dula and pressured mi especially we lost two games na pero nabawi pa rin and yes happy jud that we won,” CS player Jasper Bergantinos said. 

(I am happy that we won because the games were intense and we were pressured especially when we lost two games, but eventually we won and we are very happy.)

Upon being interviewed by the commentator, the team stated that they incurred absences throughout the day to compete in the championships. 

When asked about their winning formula, Bergantinos answered that they craft on-the-spot strategies rooted from unity and teamwork. 

“Actually on-the-spot ra jud amoang strategies. Naa mi unity and teamwork,” Bergantinos stated. 

(Actually, our strategies are on-the-spot. We have unity and teamwork)

Despite winning in more than three preliminary matches before the championships, Team Hackers said that they do not practice and they never had any tournament experience.

Instead, it was their strong relationship and family-like spirit that made them win. 

“Wala kaming experiences sa mga tournaments and wala rin kami gapractice. Bale nanalo kami kasi strong relationship namin… yung like a family na kami sa team,” player Alexxus Sealana shared. 

(We don’t have experiences in tournaments and we do not practice. We actually won because of our strong relationship… we have that sense of being a family.)

The CS gamers consisted of freshmen students Nexxus Sealana, Jasper Bergantinos, Kim Docdocil, Andrex Cullo, and Earl Garachiko headed by their team captain, Ace Villar. 

The CS Chameleons are also gearing to battle for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championships against the School of Engineering and Architecture Tigers on August 9 at the Arrupe Hall. 

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