August 25, 2020 (10:22 PM)

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FRONTLINES. The Nursing Students Executive Council (NSEC) raises donations for the Southern Philippines Medical Center Frontliners through their “Dalisay: PPE fundraising drive” initiative supported by diverse people and institutions in the city. Photo taken from @AdDU_NSEC Twitter page

Emphasizing the importance of frontliners in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nursing Students Executive Council (NSEC) raised P33,252.50 through their donation initiative “Dalisay: PPE fundraising drive” for the Southern Philippines Medical Center Frontliners last July 4.

The main mechanism of the fundraising was publicity through the cluster’s official social media accounts and by spreading the word through class representatives of the nursing department, making sure that the information was spread through different social media platforms.

Along the way, different people and institutions such as Radyo Pilipinas Davao supported the movement of NSEC.

“We also wrote to different companies in an attempt to get external sponsorship,” said NSEC representative, Kyrr Zerrudo.

“Our Quota was only P10,000 but we’re happy we’ve reached this far,” he added.

According to Zerrudo, the said fundraising drive is a way for them to give tribute to the bravery of the Frontliners saying that “they [the frontliners] deserve more than what this government has been offering them”.

AdDu- School of Nursing coordinator and one of the donors to the Dalisay fundraising, Dr. Liza Floresca, mentioned that in order to continue battling the epidemic, frontliners are in need of PPEs and that this fundraising is a way to provide them with those.

She also mentioned that despite being considered as heroes in fighting the pandemic, frontliners are being left stranded and even insulted due to people’s fear of being infected by the virus.

“Discrimination must be stopped. Frontliners need our support and understanding,” Floresca says.

She continued stating that there are more ways to help Frontliners aside from financial assistance.

Citing prayers and following the government guideline to lessen the spread of the virus, she believes that even in that way, the people can help the frontliners.

“Stay at home, wash your hands, and do social distancing. At Least in that way, we can lessen the burden of our frontliners,” Floresca ended.

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