August 13, 2011 (3:23 PM)

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The most brilliant words come from the most brilliant people. The house of Natural Science and Mathematics won the championship of the 14th Ignatian Cup, with Paul Randy Gumanao as the Finals Best Speaker. After a series of knockout rounds of all the divisions since Monday afternoon, NSM and BSA-MA teams stood still and made it to the finals. The two three-men teams debated on the motion that, “this house regrets the closure of Mideo Cruz’s art exhibit in the CCP, with NSM on the government side and the BSA-MA on the opposition bench.

The teams fired off, and gathered applauses from the audience as one notable argument was presented after another. Finally, after a competitive debate match, the participants of the Extemporaneous Dialogue were called to prepare.

The Humanities Division, with Ianne Aquino and Daryl Palemene as the representatives, was hailed as the champion of the Extemporaneous Dialogue. The BM Division ranked 2nd, behind the SSE Division, which garnered the 1st runner-up. The topics discussed, which were mostly about love, sex and beauty, thrilled the audience. With their unique and creative means of delivery, the participants gave the audience a heart-warming entertainment.

Paolo Cansino, President of the Ateneo Debate Varsity, addressed the participants, the audience and the panel of judges with his message. “Debating is not exclusive to students’ who study economics, politics and other related discipline… The finals round is a strong testament that everyone can really debate, ” he said.

After the rounds of speeches, the winners, including the Top 10 Best Speakers that stood out among the rest, were awarded.

End the silence of the gagged!

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