November 18, 2020 (12:22 PM)

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EMERGENCY DIALOGUE. SAMAHAN Central Board initiates an Emergency Town Hall Conversation with Assistant to the AVP for Online Education (AAVP.OE) Fr. Ulysses Cabayao, SJ and students from different clusters via Zoom after the university released a memo moving exams earlier to December, November 17. Photo by Gwyneth Marie Vasquez

After revoking the memorandum on non-academic formation for the second semester, students lashed out at university administrators online, resulting in an emergency Town Hall Conversation initiated by the SAMAHAN Central Board (SCB) yesterday at 8 pm via Zoom.

Students on Twitter questioned the absence of the other university administrators even though SAMAHAN clarified that only the Assistant to the AVP for Online Education (AAVP.OE) Fr. Ulysses Cabayao, SJ, was invited to the dialogue.

Despite the short notice, the 300 allocated slots were immediately filled as students from different clusters gathered to participate in the meeting, hoping for concrete resolutions and reconsideration.

However, Cabayao apologized and said that the student body’s sentiments are things he cannot personally do anything about.

“I understand the feeling of betrayal, and naturally, how you are reacting is something to be expected,” Cabayao said.

“As an admin and as a Jesuit, I’m sorry if you feel like this. This is not the university that you signed up for; these are not the values that you were taught to live by,” he added.

Although the Town Hall conversation was set in hopes of urging the administration to resolve the issue, no concrete plans were lobbied by the university. Instead, SAMAHAN President Renz Lacorte said that he will try to speak with Fr. Joel Tabora, University President, once more.

On the other hand, the non-appearance of the other university administrators led to an outrage among students on Twitter, launching #AdDUStrike amid the on-going dialogue. The said movement landed on the Philippines’ top trends.

Twitter user @kkolele acknowledged Cabayao’s presence in the dialogue and expressed how the administrators’ absence reflects their inability to empathize with the student population.

“Addu students, pls do not attack fr. Ogie for saying he can’t do anything about it. the fact that he’s here to listen to us is already commendable.



The #AdDUStrike movement is still being carried out and response from the university administrators is still being anticipated.

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