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STARTING POINT. Newly-seated University President Fr. Karel San Juan, SJ. conveys a new framework in understanding the context of Ateneo de Davao University last November 15. Photo by Toni Ann Albarico

In the pursuit of reimagining the University’s mission, the Ateneo de Davao University’s (AdDU) new President, Rev. Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ, presented a new framework, proposing three identities for the University during Pakighinabi.

The framework is centered on the geographical, educational, and Jesuit and Church identities of the University, termed as 3Ps, 3Ds, and 3Ls, which aims to address the multifaceted challenges in the current time.

The 3Ps, which is the geographical identity of the University, focus on Post-Truth, Populism, and Polarization. The 3Ls signify how the Church responds to disinformation through Listening in seeking truth, Leading in God’s way, and Love in politics. On the other hand, the 3Ds represent how Ateneans should react against the 3Ps through Discernment to truth, promoting Democracy, and active Dialogue.

Fr. San Juan stated that the 3Ps, 3Ds, and 3Ls are frameworks for the AdDU mission, which is still open to change and flexibility as the school year progresses.

“Framework of our university will be reviewed for its midterm implementation this next year or so. So, part of the review, perhaps, is to conceive and consider a framework for analysis and planning. This may be a framework if, as a president, I’m not even imposing this as the framework for AdDU mission but a framework for conversation and consideration.”

Meanwhile, University Research Council Chairperson Dr. Lourdesita Chan shared her insights on how research can achieve the framework, emphasizing the importance of Jesuit values in conducting such methodologies on pursuing the truth. 

“Research must be conceived in terms of what Jesus calls a learner’s ministry, an intellectual consulate. The exercise implies observance of certain virtues such as learning and intelligence, imagination and ingenuity … solid studies and rigorous analysis, but most strikingly said which is also our Father President emphasized what a designing leadership [and] discerning leadership should pursue is the truth,” Chan said. 

She also stated that research is not just a cognitive exercise but must also aim to make a difference in people’s lives guided by reason and faith. 

“It is an act of learned apostolate to be used in the faith and the church. Henceforth, research must aim at making a difference in people’s lives,” Dr. Chan said. 

University Community Engagement and Advocacy Council Chairperson Mark Samante expressed how vital 3Ps, 3Ls, and 3Ds are to leadership and engagement vis-a-vis the Jesuit values of the university.

“The 3Ps, 3Ls, and 3Ds are significant in community engagement in advocacy– in advocating for change and engaging with communities. Understanding the challenges posed by post-truth, populism, and polarization becomes pivotal. These societal forces can influence perceptions and create barriers to effective communication and collaboration. Recognizing and addressing these challenges is crucial in effectively engaging [with] communities.”

Ignatian Spirituality and Formation Office Director Fr. Jboy M. Gonzales, SJ, also addressed how the framework gives a specific context to the University’s identity.

“It gives me a specific context, and the context is because it is anchored on our own identity as a university, as a catholic university, as a Jesuit university, and in the context of Mindanao,” he stated.

Quality Assurance and Planning Vice President Suzette D. Aliño indicated that 28 strategic plans will accommodate the framework’s essence.

“There are something like 28 interventions in this part of this strat plan, which actually facilitates how instruction, research, formation engagement, and administration will carry the different tasks of the university that incorporate the 3Ds and 3Ls in the university,” she said. 

The Pakighinabi session, AdDU’s conversation series, happened at the Ricci Dialogue Center, CCFC Building, last November 15. 

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