August 16, 2012 (7:18 AM)

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The first night of the 64th Ateneo fiesta blazed with success.

Eight bands made up the Musikahan 2012: Soul Duo, On the Spot Band, Carlos’ Band, Denatured, Charlie’s Band, Gemini Monday, Prrrrt, and Catfucious and the Plate.

Each of the bands performed two acoustic song numbers, right after the opening presentation of the fire dancers.

The band members came from different divisions, all equipped with the talent and confidence to make the first night of the celebration of the fiesta successful.

“It was epic,” Jesher Arsenio, one of the band vocalists, said when asked about how their performance went.

All eight bands gave a breathtaking performance of different songs such as Maroon 5’s Payphone, The Script’s The man who can’t be moved, and Katy Perry’s Thinking of you.

“It really culminated the first day of fiesta perfectly,” Jesher added.

The event ended with a deafening applause from the audience, followed by another 15-minute closing performance of the fire dancers.


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